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Download and immerse yourself in the action-packed universe of Marvel games! Play as your favorite superheroes, save the world from villainous threats, and experience the epic stories of the Marvel Universe. Are you ready to unleash your superpowers? Your Marvel gaming adventure starts now!

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Welcome, true believers to our “spectacular” collection of Marvel games. From Ant-Man to Zabu, we have something for everyone here no matter who or what their favorite Marvel character, team, or movie is! There have been Marvel games dating all the way back to the days of the Atari 2600! It is crazy just how many games there are based on these iconic characters and here we have a few fun suggestions of games for you to check out from our incredible collection.

We have to start with Spider-Man! You cannot talk about Marvel games and not talk about our favorite webhead. There are two fantastic 16-but beat 'em ups in Spider-Man and Venom - Maximum Carnage and its sequel, Spider-Man, and Venom in Separation Anxiety. These are games in the same kind of style as Final Fight. Originally released on the original PlayStation, Spider-Man brought Spidey to the world of 3D gaming and this game still holds up very well to this day. If you want a modern Spidey game then the phenomenal Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is like you are playing through a movie!

If you want Marvel games where a bunch of heroes gets to team up then we have some great suggestions for you. If you are a younger gamer, like to play with a child or a younger sibling, or if you just want something light hearted, Lego Marvel Avengers is perfect. This features iconic moments from a handful of movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet is another great team up game and this one is based on the popular animated series. It has a great sense of humor and it looks like the cartoon too!

For those that are looking for Marvel games where things are a bit more mature, check out Marvel Ultimate Alliance. This game is great in that it is a dungeon crawler that allows you to create a team of four heroes. It also has a tremendous 2 player arcade mode as well. Its sequel, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is cool in that it ties into the epic Civil War storyline. We even have the third game in the series, the Nintendo Switch exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.

For you fight fans we have more flying fists than even Hulk could deal with. Marvel Super Heroes is a fantastic Capcom beat-em-up that features a great selection of Marvel Super Heroes and a clever use of the Infinity Stones. We will stick with Capcom as you cannot talk about Marvel games and not bring up their great range of VS games. We of course have Marvel vs Capcom 2 and the other two MVC games. However, we also have what came before it in Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter.

This is just a small taste of what we have to offer when it comes to Marvel games. From fighting, to action, to RPGs and even shooters and platformers. We have games that are based on the comic books, the classic animated TV shows from the 90s, and even some of the movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe too.

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Spider-Man and Venom - Maximum Carnage springs Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage and numerous other Marvel Comics characters into life.
Marvel Land has four worlds, and each world incorporates seven levels. There are frantic rides on roller coasters, desperate treks across waterfalls, mayhem aboard steamboats, and castle-bound intrigue.
Based on the Marvel comic book series, X-Men pits everyone's favorite team of superheroic mutants against the villainy of Magneto.
Separation Anxiety is a side scrolling beat'em up game, featuring characters and stories taken from the Spiderman comics.
The game loosely follows the events of the Death of Superman starting from the time that the Underworlder's take over the Metropolis Power Plant to Superman's return and defeat of the Cyborg.
The Red Skull is out to conquer the world once again, so it's up to Captain America and the Avengers to stop him and his army of thugs.
The Real Game Begins. Batman forever. Brace yourself for endless action with Batman Forever. Batman and Robin blast into Gotham City in a duo-player fighting game. Armed with over 125 incredible attacks, fierce combat moves, and an arsenal of gadgets, the dynamic duo are ready to battle the diabolical minds of two-face and the riddler. Without question... it's Batman Forever. Featuring over 80 unbelieveable stages! Incredible 3-D computer-rendered graphics. Real digitized characters and backgrounds. Team up as Batman and Robin and find tons of secret rooms and hidden surprises.
In The Incredible Hulk, players can jump anywhere, climb anything and smash everything – even destroy entire buildings – as the Hulk, the strongest hero there is!
You are Spiderman and he has all his Spider moves from the comic books. He spins webs to stop the enemies. He swings on Webs to propel him to new and exciting places.

Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master is considered to be the first 3D realtime action computer role-playing game, published in 1987 for the Atari ST by FTL Games.

Marvel Land

In Marvel Land you play as Prince Paco, who is on a quest to save Princess Luxy from the evil Mole King.
Sega Genesis

Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes has made its way to the PlayStation and Saturn from the arcade!

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

The next edition in Capcom's popular Vs. series is almost here. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems

Marvel Super Heroes - War of the Gems is the title of a side-scrolling video game based on the events of Marvel Comics' series, Infinity Gauntlet.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

With all the attention the Marvel license has been getting in both movies and video games, there is a fear that it's getting watered down.

Marvel vs Capcom

Capcom is wasting no time at all making it clear that they're very much behind Sega's Dreamcast.

Marvel vs Capcom 2

I'm a big fan of the cross over games, and I'm an even bigger fan of the original Marvel Vs. Capcom, so seeing this one show up was mighty cool.

Marvel Vs. Street Fighter

I'm a pretty big fan of Capcom's Vs. series, despite the fact that it centers mostly on flashy graphics and exaggerated

Oddworld Abes Oddysee

GT Interactive has decided to introduce a new twist in the gaming industry with: Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.

The Adventures of Batman and Robin

Use your batarangs or bolos to fight clowns, scientists, mobsters, or even exploding rabbits! Continue fighting in the sky with the Bat-Glider and Jet-Pack on your way to end Mr. Freeze's insidious plan.
Sega Genesis SNES

Batman: Return of the Joker

Sunsoft switched on its Bat-signal and summoned for this sequel the same team of programmers who worked on Batman.

Batman Returns

Batman Returns is a game is for one player only. This is a side scroller game. Features Catwoman and the Penguin.
Sega Genesis

Wolverine Adamantium Rage

Wolverine receives a mysterious transmission via computer; someone or something has information about his past and arranges for them to meet at an undisclosed location in Canada.
Sega Genesis SNES

The Tick

The Tick is a Beat-'Em-Up game, developed by Software Creations and published by Fox Interactive, which was released in 1994.
Sega Genesis SNES

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