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Download addictive Bomberman games and experience explosive, strategic gameplay! Outsmart your opponents, set traps, and become the ultimate bomber. Ignite your competitive spirit and start the blast-tastic fun now!

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At this point, you have to say that Bomberman is gaming royalty! That is why here at Gamefabrique we have this very special section of the site dedicated to some of the very best Bomberman games! We have all the action you could want and to try and help you decide which one of these games you should play, we have cherrypicked a few of the best and most interesting games from the Bomberman series that we are 100 percent certain you will have an awesome time with.

Truth be told we could have picked any of the main games in the series that were released on the Super Nintendo, but we are highlighting Super Bomberman 2 as it took what was great about the first game and made it even better. You can play on your own or with three other people in what is one of the most fun and competitive Bomberman games of all time. Trying to get that glove so you can throw the bombs and hopefully become the golden bomber was incredible.

We are sidestepping from the Super Nintendo here as we look at the first time Bomberman showed up on a Sega console with Mega Bomberman on the 16-bit Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. This is a very classic style of Bomberman game, but there is a real twist here that makes it so much fun. To start with, it features different styles of Bomberman to play as such as a big fat one, an old dude, and a robot! A huge appeal of this game is that during battles, eggs will appear, and if you grab one, you get a kangaroo to ride on, and each kangaroo has its own special ability.

While there is the classic Bomberman 64 if you are looking for Bomberman games that are more “traditional”. However, we want to highlight another Nintendo 64 Bomberman title and that is Bomberman Hero. There have been many spin-off games in the Bomberman franchise over the years, but this one is rather special as it is a 3D action platformer. Granted it is not at the level of something like Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, or Donkey Kong 64, but it is still a fun platformer and one of the more interesting side games from the Bomberman franchise.

Ok, so Bomberman Online has been greatly surpassed as we have had many other online Bomberman games over the years. However, we cannot overstate how much of a big deal this game was when it was released on the Dreamcast. Bomberman was always seen as a game that you needed to be sitting in the same room with people to play. However, Bomberman Online showed that this was a game that could have a very bright online future.

Super Bomberman R was one of the more notable launch titles for the Nintendo Switch. You could argue that after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this was the only other essential launch title. It may have been rather barebones at launch; it was greatly supported with more content and they even added in some extra characters from different video game franchises which is a lot of fun. It has also been released on other platforms since its debut on the Switch and it is a pretty solid Bomberman game and one that is well worth giving a try.

While there are some people that are only interested in the Bomberman games that are all about the classic battle action. As you can see from our list of the best Bomberman games that we have here at Gamefabrique there are some very interesting and fun spin-off games that can be a lot of fun too.

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Sega Genesis
On your quest you blow up many little bunnies, seahorses, and monkeys to clear the way for blowing up other things!

Bomberman 64

The evil Altair is using the Omni Cube to drain the energy from Planet Bomber. With the aid of a mysterious helper, you must defeat Altair, and restore peace to Planet Bomber. In the Adventure mode, guide Bomberman through 24 areas of perilous conf..
Nintendo 64

Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

Of the great discoveries in the universe, few are more important than the legendary 8 elements. When the evil Rukifellth found one of these elements - the powerful Celestial Stone - he used his influence to assemble the dreaded BHB Army. Armed with..
Nintendo 64

Bomberman 93

T.T.I. has dropped the bomb on the Duo! Bomberman '93 explodes with challenge and excitement for all you puzzle fans!

Bomberman: Act Zero

I've never understood the need to transform certain brands. With games like Metroid and Zelda, it makes some sense to evolve the main character to keep up with the times.

Bomberman Fantasy Race

Following on the heals of Mario, Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog, Hudson's Bomberman is the latest mascot character to receive his own racing game.

Gameboy Bomberman (Poket Bomberman)

Bombs away! The ultimate party game goes portable with this all-new cart.

Bomberman GB 2

You don't need me to write about this do you?

Bomberman Generation

Once again Bomberman is tasked with thwarting the despicable Mujoe and his Hige Hige Bandits as they attempt to take over the universe.

Bomberman Hero

Bomberman's latest adventure takes him across the galaxy! Princess Millian has been kidnapped by the evil Garaden Empire and it's up to Bomberman to save the day. Travel through worlds of ice, fire and water. Use new abilities and get help from fri..
Nintendo 64

Bomberman Jetters

The Bomberman series has built a huge fan base over the years with engrossing games that could keep you playing for hours.

Bomberman Max 2 Red Advance

Bomberman and Max, two pseudo superheroes that have sworn themselves to defend the universe against the forces of evil.

Bomberman Online

As the title states, a new element also allows you to go online with your Dreamcast and play against up to eight live people at a time.

Bomberman World

This guy sure gets around! That's right, Hudson is developing yet another new version of the classic Bomberman series, this time for the PlayStation.

Pocket Bomberman

Pocket Bomberman is a good game to have for the Game Boy Color

Super Bomberman

Well, it's Bomberman!

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