Batman Returns

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a game by Malibu Games, Konami, Aspect, and Probe Entertainment Ltd.
Genres: Action, Platformer
Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesis, SNESSNES, Sega CD, Sega Master SystemSega Master System, NESNES, Lynx, GameGear
Editor Rating: 7.7/10, based on 15 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 4 votes
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If you've seen the Batman Returns movie one too many times and you need a break, pull out your Game Gear and grapple merrily along with our Caped hero. Sega has pulled Batman off the big screen and put him on a small portable one. Although small, this Game Gear rendition is packed with action and a variety of conflict.

Didn't Bat an Eye

Bruce Wayne is used to trouble. Oswald Cobblepot (ak.a "The Penguin") is up to his old tricks. This time he's soiled Batman's pristine reputation by turning the good citizens of Gotham against him. Now Batman is not only pitted against some of the usual suspects (Penguin and Cat-woman), but some not-so-usual suspects as well, like the Gotham police force.

This five-stage Bat adventure could be considered a 10-stage game. Each stage gives you two routes to choose from, each with its own set of challenges and obstacles. Luckily, our Bathero is an easily-controlled, nimble little sprite. After completing any stage, you can continue on the same route you're on or switch paths for variety. However, no matter what path you choose, the bosses are always the same.

Holy Challenge, Batman

Your Bat weaponry includes three varying types of Batarangs - Long Range, Normal, and Powerful. The Batmobile and the Batskiboat aren't cruise mobiles in this game. Instead, you can summon them to lay a devastating blow to your enemies. Even with this vast armament, Batty's wings get clipped frequently. Luckily, he's a three-life guy, and this game's continues don't hurt an intermediate gamer's chances. However, you Bat-experts will find this case an easy victory.

The graphics are wonderfully elaborate and colorful, even though Batman's small and a little hard on the eyes. You get a new Bat song every stage and every boss fight, which helps to relieve the monotony.

Bats Away

Don your wings, super batheroes. You're on yet another nocturnal adventure. Forget the Boy Wonder! Keep the fun all to yourself.


  • In Stage 1: Route 2, you'll come to the end of a ledge. It will look like you can't go any further, but you can. Jump onto the lamp post and then jump off towards the far left of the screen. If you don't, you'll fall into a gaping hole.
  • To beat Stage 1's boss, switch your weapon from Long-Range Batarangs to Powerful Batarangs. Then, repeatedly hit this fat boss in the stomach as he drinks his fire potion. You may get singed a few times, but your energy will outlast his.
  • After beating the second Mack truck in Stage 1: Route 2, you must grapple over a gaping hole. Unfortunately, there are enemies standing on the ledge to hinder your path. Stand to the far left of the screen. Then throw your grapple straight above your head and pull yourself on the ledge without being blocked by the chain-dropping enemy. When you reach the end of that ledge, don't jump to the next ledge or you'll be pushed into the hole. Instead, wait for a policeman to enter from the right of the screen. Duck down and use your Long Range-Batarangs to finish him off.
  • You can use your Grapple as a weapon. In fact, it's your only defense against Stage 5's flying Penguin boss.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Game modes: Single game mode

Player controls:

  • Up, Down, Left, Right - Arrow keys
  • Start - Enter (Pause, Menu select, Skip intro, Inventory)
  • "A" Gamepad button - Ctrl (usually Jump or Change weapon)
  • "B" button - Space (Jump, Fire, Menu select)
  • "C" button - Left Shift (Item select)

Use the F12 key to toggle mouse capture / release when using the mouse as a controller.


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed
Sega CD

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
Sega Master System

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

The Bat, the Cat, the Penguin -- and the Nintendo game! Konami brings the Caped Crusader's second silver screen adventure to the video game screen in Batman Returns for the NES. Konami and this hot license sound like a great formula for an instant 8-bit classic. Unfortunately, both the film and the game get mixed reviews.

Visions of Thugs Dancing in Weir Heads

It's the night before Christmas, and all through the town, things are really hop-pin' when Penguin's gang brings the house down! The Mayor plans a nice, traditional, tree-lighting ceremony, but the Red Triangle Circus Gang has other ideas in mind -- namely chaos! They pop out of a giant gift-wrapped box, snare the Ice Princess, and spread fear into the hearts of the crowd. Looks like a job for the Dark Knight.

Familiar Crime Fighting

Batman Returns is a somewhat satisfying, side-view, action celebration that puts up a good fight, but shares many traits with Konami's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In fact, put a black mask on Leonardo, exchange Shredder for the Penguin, remove the second player, and you've got the basics for this game. Unlike the 1990 Sunsoft game, this entry focuses less on Batman's nimble moves, and more on beat-em-up street brawling.

You, as Batman, get an inconspicuous arsenal to flush Penguin and declaw Catwoman. Your main bandit-beaters are your fists. You can also activate two utility belt weapons: Batarangs, for long-range attacks, and the Grappling Hook, to hoist yourself up to ledges. Additionally, you get a block move for defense, a slide maneuver, and the Cape Spin attack. Each use of the Spin depletes your lifeline, but automatically nails villains in the vicinity. Sound familiar, TMNT III aficionados?


  • If you're down to one life unit, go nuts with the Spin attack before you bite the Bat-dust. For all the predictable Bat-weaponry, the character control in this game fairly glides. In the heat of battle, pressing Select to switch between Batarangs and the Grappling Hook is a pain, but otherwise the 'Man is a smooth mover.
  • Hold Down and tap A to slide rapidly. You'll take out ground-based attackers faster than they can retaliate.

Guarding Gotham City

The Caped Crusader traverses six Bat- Stages to skin Ms. Purrs and put the Birdbrained One on ice. Most of the game play is side-scrolling fisticuffs, but you also get some Bat-vehicle action.

In Stage 1, you accost the Circus Gang in the main plaza. The action here is a warm-up for later levels. At area's end, you meet the first in a long line of bosses, the Tattooed Strongman.

In Stage 2, you play with a new fiendish friend, the Catwoman, who doesn't spare the whip. Scaling the side of Shreck's Department Store is your first opportunity to implement the Grappling Hook.

You finally get a shot to save the Ice Princess in Stage 3. You fight your way to the top of a skyscraper, and then fend off a double dose of bosses. Even if you emerge victorious and you saw the movie, you know the Princess' sad fate and the resulting Bat-insinuations.

  • Use your Grappling Hook to ground toy helicopters in the Department Store.
  • In Stage 3, grapple into secret rooms to record an incriminating Penguin conversation. You need the tape to dear the level.

Stage 4 finds Batman chasing a runaway Circus Train, on foot and in the Bat-mobile. The Red Triangle's bent leader, Penguin, kidnaps all the firstborn kiddies in Gotham. The Dark Knight must save them. The Batmobile level is a cool diversion from the main action.

  • Motorcycle riders bail from their bikes and try to cling to the Batmobile! Shake them off, or you'll lose energy.

Penguin does himself one worse in Stage 5 by arming a hodgepodge collection of penguins with bombs. Batman slinks through the streets and alleyways to find the remote control. Then that directs the Penguin's demolition efforts. He confronts the Penguin's rubber ducky mobile.

The grand finale comes in Stage 6, the subterranean Arctic World. Penguin's domain is frigid, but you chill out in a sleek Batskiboat level, where you snag bonus Bat icons for life and the pursuit of 1-ups. Finally, you return to ground combat and battle the Penguin.

  • From a safe distance, toss Batarangs at the Duck Vehicle. When it rolls near you, slide away, turn and fire.

The crooks in this game are an average-looking, unimaginative assortment. J You'll find stilt walkers, handgunners, c strongmen, and other crown fools of I crime. As a gang, they're a menace to society and your chance of survival. This game's a Bat-challenge, but passwords make it playable.

Dark Knight, Dark City

Batman lives his night life in the shadows of Gotham City, and the same applies on the NES. The dark, color-deficient graphics are sharp and distinct, but not even close to an 8-bit masterpiece. The occasional cinemas are there, but don't pop off the screen like a VCR tape. Tunes-wise, the music and sound effects could be from any Konami action game.

He'll Get Us Next Time

In a year of few 8-bit standouts, Batman Returns is a good choice for fist fighters and Robin-wannabes who aren't expecting anything extraordinary. However, the crime stopping is not up to par with an innovative original. The Dark Knight is invited to return to the NES again someday, hopefully with a few more tricks up his Bat-sleeve.

Keep your capes on, Lynx Bat crusaders, our masked hero is back on the never-ending case. Atari has just made him more portable to round up the usual suspects - Penguin, Catwoman, and the whole nefarious gang. It's been a long time coming, but this visually stunning cart was worth the wait.

Gotham Gone Mad

Keeping in step with this summer's blockbuster movie, Oswald Cobblepot (a.k.a. the Penguin) has made a mess of Gotham City's Christmas gala. Now Bruce Wayne must put down his champagne and rev up the Batmobile for another hot chase.

Batman Returns for the Lynx is a hop 'n' bop, side-view, horizontallyscrolling adventure. You must keep Batman jumping in order to win. In fact, this game has a little too much leapin'. If Batty stops to fight or tries to beat all the guys in his path, he won't get past the first screen. Consequently, gamers gaming for battle are goners.

Darkness Falls on the Dark Knight

You'll find the evil gang's all here, Penguin's gang that is. He pulls out all the stops and teams up with Catwoman and Gotham City's Finest. You'll have to avoid a barrage of bullets, bombs, dynamite, and anything else that can be thrown or shot.

Luckily, Batman has a few Bat tricks up his sleeve. Along the way he can find Batwinged icons, which increase his points, health, or Batarang count. He can also grab Acid Vials, which give him seven vials of deadly acid to hurl at his enemies.

Batman Returns' graphics alone are worth every anxious minute. They'll blow your Batmind! They're exceptionally good considering the small venue. The sound ranks high on the rockability scale, but after a few hours it drones on.

With only four levels, this game's not a long play. However, even an advanced gamer will have a hard time getting through it. Expert gamers, on the other hand, will find these four levels go by faster than you can say, "Boy Wonder." But, they won't want to miss the superb graphics scrolling past.

Holy Bat Blowout

Batman Returns stars your favorite characters true to form. (No, Michelle Pfieffer isn't packed in the box). Despite its somewhat monotonous game play, it's still worth Batting around.


  • You're safer at higher levels. Walk on top of walls, ledges, and scaffolding. You wont get hit as often.
  • You'll find 10 Batarangs behind the first stop light Just keep jumping.
  • Word to the Wise: once you pass a powerful power-up there's no scrolling back.
  • If you crouch in front of the mailbox that's in front of the all-glass store window, you'll be safe from the blast.
  • After scaling the side of the Present, wait unh'l the motorcycle gang busts through. Then jump down and mn into the Present You'll find a nice surprise.

The Dark Knight makes his 16-Bit debut in a new battle against the twisted Penguin and the mysterious Catwoman. Based on last summer's hit movie, this Super NES game has Batman battling the Penguin and his Red Triangle Circus Gang as well as the crafty Catwoman. The game even has an awesome driving scene with the streets scrolling smoothly in incredible Mode 7. As the story progresses, digitized cinemas from the movie appear between levels. The music is straight from the movie soundtrack and the killer graphics will blow you away!


Secret ID: Bruce Wayne History: A sophisticated, enigmatic millionaire. At the age of nine, young Bruce witnessed the murder of his well-to-do parents by Jack Napier known as The Joker. Devastated, he pledges his entire life to combatting evil - a feat he accomplishes under the guise of Batman.


Secret ID: Selina Kyle History: She was once a quiet secretary of Max Shreck, a powerful businessman. Frustrated by the villainous Shreck, she has transformed into Catwoman. She prowls the streets in search of Batman. But will she help him or join The Penguin and try to destroy him?


Secret ID: Oswald Cobblepot History: Horrified by his disfigurement, his parents abandoned him and threw him and his carriage into the Gotham River. The carriage floated down the storm drain and ended up in Arctic World, part of the old Gotham Zoo. He was rescued by four Emperor penguins.

The Bat, Cat, the Penguin are about to make their awesome entrance to the 16-Bit Nintendo! Based on the movie of the same name, you must guide the Dark Avenger through the streets of Gotham and smite the face of evil (posing as a feline and a flightless, wet bird) once again!

Get ready for the slugfest of the century! The whole cast is here, including The Penguin and his Red Triangle Circus Gang, and the slinky Cat-woman! Awesome moves like grabbing two thugs and smashing them together and whipping them against the walls in the background will bring new meaning to the term "Movie Licensing." The levels range from the streets, to the rooftops, to sewers, to a Batmobile driving sequence said to rival even the Sega CD version! The signal is out, so get a-movin'l

The Caped Crusader leaps off the silver screen and into Sega's Game Gear with Batman Returns! This time, Batman takes on The Penguin through five levels of criminals and sinister bosses! With your trusty boomerang and ropes for climbing, try to halt The Penguin's evil plans before he stops you! You can select three powers and ranges for the boomerang: long, normal and powerful. The shorter the range the more power it possesses. Collect power-ups and other accessories. Throwing your boomerang at the symbol or the flying bat on the screen will reveal an item. If things get too tough, there is also a Special option that destroys all bad guys on the screen (except Bosses). Come back to portable fun with Batman Returns!

Batman's back in this major punch-fest from Konami. Based upon the movie sequel, this 8-bit cart boasts some outstanding graphics and sounds. Bash your way through six levels of dastardly evil-doers and major crime figures like The Penguin and Catwoman. Use the multiple devices at Batman's disposal and pick up life-giving icons along the way. Help the Dark Knight triumph over evil.

People say:


This game reaches back to the original Batman for the NES. The graphic presentation is similar, but there is little technique. There are several styles of attack, but the problem in game play lies in a lack of any real enemy character - in battle they all respond the same way. Kill a bad guy and another appears. Yawn.


The Caped Crusader comes out of the movies and into the NES. Considering the system the game plays quite well. I liked the idea of controlling not only Batman but also the Batmobile and the Batski-jboat. This adds variety to an otherwise linear game. Having 6 levels helps add to the longevity as does a password.


I am disappointed with the quality of this cart. The first Batman was filled with techniques and interesting game play, this game reminds me of T.M.N.T. with Batman characters. Punch, and jump kick your way throughlinear levels with extra tough end bosses. Batmobile scenes helped earn this average cart a 6.


Hark, the 8-bit is gasping for air! Can you hear it? Batman Returns would have been a great game three years ago, but hey, this is the 90's! Everything about Batman Returns is decent enough to deserve honorable mention, but who needs outdated graphics, sound, and gameplay anyway?

Batman Returns is now coming for the NES! Everyone's favorite Caped Crusader is out patrolling the streets of Gotham City. This time, he must fight the combined powers of the Penguin and Catwoman to save the good citizens from an evil plan! Batman will have his work cut out for him when he tries to save Gotham City this time. He must defeat killer clowns in the streets and motorcycle lunatics who are doing their best to leave tracks on his cape.

Once you have the streets under control, you must reclaim the rooftops! This is not easy, especially since you must face the ever-cun-ning Catwoman. Batman must also fight through a department store loaded with devils and a remote control helicopter that drops bombs all around. When the Penguin's plans are foiled, you must still save the children! Only you can help Batman succeed, and assist the Dark Knight as he triumphs over evil in Gotham City!

The Caped Crusader is flying to a CD near you, compliments of Sega. Gotham City is in trouble again! That cold-blooded bird is creating havoc in the streets and Catwoman is on the scene, too! The Man must return to his homestead and save the day. The bosses are as gruelling as ever. Incredible Batmobile and Batski scenes highlight the capabilities of the CD. Suit up for a thrilling adventure with the Dark Knight!

People say:


When I originally played the CD portions of this game I was truly impressed with its quality. When the first-person screens are integrated with the cartridge side-scrolling levels, however, the quality of these additions seems to taper off. Could have been better, though, with more emphasis on the new levels.


Batman Returns for Sega CD? Hmm... Let's see. The driving scenes are nice. Lots of cool scaling is there. The music? Yes, the music is fantastic. The sidescrolling scenes? A simple port-over from the Genesis. Oh well, it's still a fun game to play and should boost some staggering Sega CD sales. Give it a try.


The side-scrolling action scenes are WEAK! They're exactly like the cartridge version. Nothing is different other than some new music, which should have been directly from the movie, not a cheesy arranged version. The Batmobile driving scenes are cool, but aren't enough to justify the rest of this poor effort.


What happened here?!? I'm not impressed by playing the cartridge version of Batman Returns with okay music and a new car scene all over again. If Batman Returns was going to be made for a CD format, why is it so much the same as the cart? It should have been a 100% original creation.

Returns offers some extra goodies that the cart does not. Especially worth mentioning are the radical Batski and Batmobile scenes where the Sega CD really struts its stuff. The graphics in these scenes are very exciting!

The bosses are frightening, the backgrounds are gloomy, the atmosphere is tense-it's the per-feet Batman adven ture! So get move on, and try out Batman Returns for the Sega CD!

An Ongoing Saga Of Justice

One of the greatest American heroes of all time would have to be Batman, the Caped Crusader. His legacy has entertained several generations of men and women ever since his dramatic appearance on the comic book scene in Detective Comics #27 back in 1939! Ever since then, he has appeared in numerous comic books of his own, plus several guest appearances in others. Batman has also shown up in a few black and white picture shows and finally, he starred in his own television series in 1966. Recently, nearly everyone in America was treated to the masterful movie Batman, starring Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger and Jack Nicholson. This summer, the sequel, Batman Returns, is going to hit the silver screen full force, backed by secretive plots and mystery guest appearances. This could be the movie of 1992!

An Ongoing Saga Of Video Games...

Another not so well-known playground for Batman fans has been the ever-growing video game scene. The first Batman video game appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System, created by Sunsoft in 1990. It featured five levels of play utilizing many of the familiar settings of the blockbuster movie. Places like the Axis Chemical Plant, the streets of Gotham City and the Gotham Cathedral were all portrayed throughout the video game. Sunsoft also went so far as to create a 16-Bit Genesis version and a Game Boy title of the same name with different game play.

In the following year, Sunsoft quickly made and carried out plans for a sequel to each of these formats based on Batman: The Return of the Joker. The NES and GameBoy versions have already been released, while the Genesis version is almost ready for production. These games chronicle the Joker's return to a life of crime after miraculously surviving the fall from Gotham's Cathedral. Each of these titles feature enhanced graphics over their predecessors, and even better game play.

With the rise of the movie this summer, Konami has jumped at the chance to create Batman Returns for all three Nintendo formats: the NES, the Super NES and GameBoy. Each game will feature key points and scenes taken directly from the sure-fire hit movie. Of course, Sega couldn't be left out of the spotlight, so expect to see the Genesis and Game Gear versions of Batman Returns to appear soon. Sega will be programming its versions itself.

The latest version of Batman Returns is, amazingly enough, on the Atari Lynx! This 2-Meg wonder sports vivid color and tons of action.

The music soundtrack is digitally mastered and converted, and the level bosses are huge! Atari plans on releasing the cart this June, just in time for the movie to gain public approval and awareness! For an exclusive GameFabrique preview of Batman Returns on the Lynx, just turn the page! Look for more information to be released in the upcoming articles of GameFabrique on the other versions of this classic hero.

Peace has returned to Gotham City, and Batman is taking a breather. However, the Joker did survive his tragic fall from the Gotham Cathedral and as his broken bones heal, he is plotting his revenge. Very soon, Batman finds himself embroiled in another evil scheme masterminded by the only man crazy enough to pull it off: the Joker. Hang on, Batman, this will be the ride of your life!


When Bruce Wayne was but a young lad, he was granted the horrible privilege of watching his parents being murdered before his very eyes. Since that moment, he ceased to be Bruce Wayne, but instead became his alter ego: Batman, the Dark Knight! In his quest to protect Gotham City, Batman met and fell deeply in love with the photo journalist Viki Vale. The Joker is an evil man disfigured physically and mentally by a chemical accident. He is the man who murdered Batman's parents, and now he is the one who has kidnapped Viki Vale. Only Batman can rescue her!

Batman Returns...

With the Joker finally at peace, Batman has hung up his cape for awhile, but is Gotham City really safe? This summer Batman returns in a full-length feature film and six (count 'em) video games! A few of the titles will not appear until later in 1992, and a couple will not hit the store shelves until early 1993! Keep your eyes peeled to GameFabrique and your local movie theaters for the scoop on this upcoming smash hit. There is no word yet on exactly what form Batman will take when the CD-ROM systems hit the U.S marketplace, but the entire GameFabrique staff is impatiently waiting for a gargantuan game filled with live-action cinemas and CD music on the Sega-CD and the Super NES-CD units...

An GameFabrique Exclusive

Lynx players have had the rare pleasure of enjoying excellent portable gaming, and now they can even enjoy possibly the greatest game for the Lynx yet! Batman Returns is a fast-paced, high-action game that will keep the best gamers on their toes looking for the next challenge. Based on the actual movie script, Batman Returns is filled with secrets and familiar guest stars. Since the actual game play is so similar to the real screen play, GameFabrique cannot divulge very much of the storyline and plot. Ah, the price you have to pay for a scoop!

So, as everyone knows, Batman has defeated the Joker in a climactic finish from atop the Gotham Cathedral. In doing so, he has cleared his name and saved Gotham City. Now, a new menace threatens Gotham City as a well known woman is kidnapped by the fiendish Penguin and his cohort, the Catwoman. Commissioner Gordon has called Batman on his secret phone and now it is up to Batman to discover the incredible scheme of these two new super-villains.

In the Lynx version of Batman Returns, you are Batman traveling through four intricate levels trying to uncover the Penguin's plot against the fair city of Gotham.

Along the way, you will meet up with some of the most unsavory villains known to man.

Who is the Penguin, and why does he seek to destroy Gotham City? Why is the beautiful, but deadly, Catwoman on his side? Only Batman is able to answer the call, and hopefully, it won't be too late.

In your travels, look for valuable power-ups that will allow you to take the frightful stage bosses and maintain your health. It won't be easy tracking the Penguin, but you are Batman!

The Dark Knight is back, and he's Bat-ter than ever. Heeding the call from the forlorn citizens of Gotham City, the Batman returns. This fantastic game from Konami delivers the goods beautifully.

Hangin' with the Batman

Batman Returns is a one-player, side- scrolling action game that offers not only spectacular graphics, but mesmerizing sound and superior game play, too. With digitized stills and lines straight from the script, the game follows the movie perfectly. For the two of you who don't know the story, it goes something like this: Man meets Bat. Man becomes Bat. Bat meets Penguin. Penguin meets Cat. Bat. Cat, and Penguin eventually meet and try to mangle the mammalism out of each other. Bat Wins. Maybe.


  • Wait for the bike riders to swing around, then jump-kick them off their hogs.
  • Rocket-launching clowns are pretty indiscriminate when they target an enemy. If you wait awhile, they'll even blow away some of their friends by accident.

You punch, throw, toss, and swing across seven levels of gut-busting, face- pounding action. You bash your way through the Gotham Streets, the Penguin's Zoo hideout, across the top of a Circus Train, and on the roofs above Gotham. There's even a stage where you drive the Batmobile and eradicate bike- riding maniacs. It's all in a day's work for the long-eared superhero.

In the Batmobile stage, each wave of bike riders comes at you with a gap between them. To minimize damage to the Batmobile, aim your car for that gap.

You won't be shadowboxing, either. There are enough villains here to start a convention. You'll fight the members of the Red Triangle Gang (Penguin's hench-people), which include killer clowns, knife throwers, sword-swallowing slashers, fire-spitting fiends, and more. At the end of each stage, you also fight a surprise Boss, who could be anyone -- an angry Organ Grinder, a brawling bozo of a Clown, Catwoman, or the Penguin.

Come at the Organ Grinder at an angle. Start wailing away before he readies his box to shoot. This tip works for most of the stage bosses.

Bat Attitude

Batman has always been known for his innovative fighting style and neat gad- getry. To combat the many nefarious nitwits in this game, Konami has not left the Batman hanging. In addition to a regular punch and jump, you can also pull a Flying Jump Kick, a Cape Sweep (major damage to any enemy foolish enough to come near it), and a Flying Attack (a sweep down from above that knocks your enemies silly).

Catwoman, who you face more than once in this game, is a formidable opponent. Let her hit you once, then start punching away for maximum damage. Come in at an angle when going against la femme nikitty.

You can also pull special moves when you grab a villain. You can punch them in the gut, pick them up and throw them to the ground, throw them into windows, and more. For dual damage, smash two bad guys together. Ouch!

The double head-butt inflicts the most damage. Don't try to pull it off unless both villains are close to you. Throwing enemies against the wall is the second most damaging move. Use the Cape Sweep only if you're being pummeled, because this move takes energy from your life bar.

As for toys, Batman has a bevy of Bat weapons. He has his Batarangs (bat boomerangs), a Bat Spear (winch and pulley for wall climbing), and Test Tubes, which he throws to wipe out a screenful of enemies. During the course of the game, you can pick up these weapons, along with health power-ups.

To take the Penguin down, come in at an angle, pummel him, then retreat (but not too far back or he'll spray you with machine gunfire). Avoid his umbrellas as best as you can, and then repeat the procedure. If he tries to fly upwards, throw a Test Tube to bring him back in to fistfighting range.

Bats Entertainment!

Bar none the graphics in Batman Returns are better than any you'll find in the other Batman titles. The sprites are big and well-drawn. They move quickly without flicker or slowdown. The backgrounds are painstakingly redrawn from actual movie footage, making each stage a joy to look at. The digitized scenes from the movie, which are spread throughout the game, are so cool and so real that you'll find yourself pausing to get popcorn.

Batman Returns doesn't hold back on the sounds, either. There's music directly from the movie, and each stage has a different melodramatic score that fits right in with the action. All the sound effects are awesome and clear, too.

Playing the game only on the Mania setting will let you see a special ending worthy of all crime fighters.

Bats the Way (uh-huh, uh-huh), I Like It

Batman Returns is a keeper -- a game whose absence will render your SNES library incomplete. You'll have hours of fun with the adjustable challenge levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Mania, and Special). Pick up this game and hold on tight, because everyone you know is gonna want to be at Bat.

Two years ago, Sunsoft had the last laugh with Bat- man for the Genesis. For his return to screens, the Dark Knight's found a new partner in crime fighting -- Sega. The new union produces a sequel worthy of the Masked Man's rep, but it's not quite a match made in heaven.

Greetings from Gotham

The oft-abused citizep of Gotham City probably don't feel like humming any holiday hymns this year. First, the Red Triangle Circus Gang spoils the lighting of the Christmas tree blowing it up real good. Then a swarm of bats, presumably unleashed By our hero, pushes the Ice Princess to a chilly death. Holy setup! To clear his good name and restore the of X-mas spirit to Gotham, Batman must stomach a double dose of danger.

It seems one Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. the Penguin, is behind the misdeeds. Teaming up with the dirty birdie is Cat- woman, who's ready to use Batman's face as a scratching post. Let the crime fighting commence!

On the Prowl In the Dart of Knight

Like its predecessor, Batman Returns is a cool-looking, side-view action game for costumed fingertip fighters everywhere. It thrusts you into a five-level Genesis brawl across the streets of Gotham, Shreck's Wonderland Department Store, the Red Triangle Circus Gang's train hideaway, the Sewers, and the Penguin's Lair. The action is straightforward fighting, but you don't get any Batmobile action.

Batman rounds up and beats up the usual gang of suspects -- Red Triangle thugs, knife throwers, stick wielders, circus clowns, missile-armed penguins, ^id bosses aplenty. Combined the Penguin and Catwoman seem to have nine lives. You must dispatch them both several times in this game, each time in a more dangerous setting. This game is big and tough as claws, so you'll be counting your Bat-blessings for the unlimited continues. You can also set your starting number of lives up to seven.


  • To nip Catwoman in Act I, stand below her and rapid punch. You'll nail her as she jumps down to your level. Then, jump above her, duck, and kick her as she tries to leap. Easy pattern!
  • Put down Penguin in Act I with leaping punches and Batarangs. Run underneath him as he descends.

Knight Life

Batman takes it to the streets with a superheroic arsenal that's attuned more for melee than maneuvering. Batman's basic attacks are standard leaps, kicks, punches, and jump kicks. The Knight also lances his enemies with five Utility Belt Bat-weapons: Batarangs, Smoke Bombs, the Bat Swarm, the Grappling Gun and Super-Seeking Batarangs.

At the start of Act II, save all your Rat-weapons to fight the strongman guarding the entrance to Shreck's. Grapple up one side while he's frozen, then Batarang him to death.

For added mobility, Batman can hook onto ledges with a Grappling Gun. This is useful to climb from one floor to another, but the swing effect is unwieldy. Finally, the Cowled One can glide gently to the ground with his cape unfurled. Bat-control is a tad cumbersome at first, but playable after practice.

If you're headed for certain demise on a bed of spikes or you're in a bottomless pit, activate the cape float for a last chance save.

Overall, the 'Man's moves are first- class, but a step down from Sunsoft's game with its fancy wall springs and frantic fist fighting. The sleek aerial acrobatics are missed, too.

Bat Looks and Sounds

Comic book crusaders will dig Batman's attire and animation in this return game. His shadowed sprite appears as stalwart and handsome as the character from the pages of Dark Horse Comics. However, the game's overall look is too muted to win an award. The backgrounds are well-drawn, if dark, and the occasional effects are nice. You'll do a double take when you witness the bizarre diagonal scrolling in Act I's cutaway building.

  • Foreground scenery often hides weapon power-ups. Jump "behind" the walls and you may find treats.
  • Step carefully in the citadel -- holes in the floor are obscured by the frigid colors.

You probably won't go bats over the music. The Bat-songs beat in the background, but don't particularly wail. The sounds project mixed signals. Some of the effects, such as the thunderstorm, are hot, but others are not. The death bleep for the enemies is particularly grating.

Fairly Happy Returns

Batman Returns is a solid effort for Sega, although it's heavy on combat. However, without the Bat-vehicle segments and swift wall-climbing moves, the game lacks that certain something.

Video games don't always imitate real life, but it's spooky how often they imitate the movies. Like his silver screen sequel, the Caped Crusader's game return is a good show, but it's not quite a sellout.

Batman Returns is a side scrolling beat ‘em up game, a very popular genre at the time. As you could guess from the title, it is based on the movie with the same name. It received positive reviews, although some felt that it could have been slightly more original.

The game places you in control of Batman as he tries to stop the Penguin from taking over Gotham City. Along the way, Catwoman shows up to try to hinder your progress. In all, it pretty much follows the movie’s script, but obviously adapted to fit a video game.

The graphics of Batman Returns are top notch; the characters are large, detailed, well animated and they fit in with the dark, gothic scenery. Although the music was also adapted from the film’s score, it can get a bit repetitive, but it does the best that it can to keep you immersed in the game. Even the short grunts that enemies make after they get punched add to the experience.

On the topic of gameplay, there isn’t much innovation and this is perhaps the source of the few complaints. It is a standard beat ‘em up in pretty much all aspects; most of the levels allow you to move freely in four directions, while a few only allow you to move back and forth. Each level ends with a fight against a unique boss with three or four special attacks. Batman has a few simple moves, like punches, roundhouse kicks and the classic batarang, along with a special sweep move that drains your health to compensate for its high power.

There are a few elements that make Batman Returns slightly less monotonous, such as using the grapple hook to swing from rooftop to rooftop and the famous batmobile level where you have to chase gang members and defeat them with a machine gun.

In the end, Batman Returns may not bring anything new to the beat ‘em up genre, but goes with the idea that simplicity is best and doesn’t attempt to fix what isn’t broken. It is still a very enjoyable and high quality game that should be tried. The fact that it has three difficulties also gives it extra replay value.

Batman Returns features:

  • Three difficulty settings, the hardest one awarding you with a special ending.
  • High quality graphics and sound.
  • Story inspired from the successful movie with the same name.

Feel like you want to be a superhero, now you can, with Batman Returns, this game is single player and allows you to go through several levels of Bat fun. Take on the Red Triangle Circus Gang before they wipe you out. Use various Bat tools ranging from the Bat mobile to the Batarang. Each level concludes with facing an archenemy. While pursuing the Red Triangle Gang you able use the weaponry from the Batmobile to annihilate this enemy. The majority of the levels use a two dimensional graphics set up, while the rest of the game relies on the 3-D graphics to allow more freedom for usage.

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