Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

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Платформы: PC, Playstation 2
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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Released three years after the original smash hit, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 gives players control over some of history’s most famous superheroes in an epic showdown. With a huge selection of playable superheroes, there’s a playstyle (and a hero) here for everyone.

Fighters, Assemble

Fans of the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance will be pleased to know that very little has changed in regards to core mechanics of Ultimate Alliance 2. Players must pick their 4 hero squad out of a wide selection of unlocked heroes, and then battle their way through the game’s many zones and levels.

Mashing buttons is a common occurrence in Ultimate Alliance 2, as is upgrading, and each hero has multiple unlockable upgrades to improve their abilities and make them stronger on the battlefield.

But Ultimate Alliance also has something new to offer too. Fusion powers are a new addition to the game’s core mechanics, and allow two heroes to come together and fuse their powers to create a huge ultimate attack that should help clear away a few dozen enemies. Interestingly, these change depending on which characters you fuse together, so there’s a lot of fun exploring the different hero combinations for unique effects.

Revising and healing teammates has also changed, and the game opts for a token-based system to either heal or bring your buddies back completely. You can pick these tokens up during levels, and you can earn more by defeating enemies via the aforementioned fusion attacks.

Comic Book Story

Fans of the original Marvel comics will be happy to know that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 actually follows the story of two major comic events: Secret War and Civil War. The story is primarily told through pre-rendered, CGI cutscenes as well as the in-game variety, and fans of the original arcs will get a kick of seeing iconic scenes played out in full. But that doesn’t mean newcomers can’t enjoy the game either, as the story is told in such a way that players who are new to the cast of characters and events in the Marvel universe won’t be left behind. Even those with no familiarity to the IP at all can pick up the story quickly, and fans of Marvel will appreciate the details and fan service sprinkled throughout.

Pick Your Hero

One of the most appealing parts of this RPG, beat ‘em up is the extensive list of characters you can play as. Whoever your favourite Marvel hero might be, they’re probably in this game. Even before the Marvel Cinematic Universe saw itself rise to cinematic history, this game features tons of Marvel characters that casual and die-hard fans alike will be able to recognise instantly.

Unfortunately, some of the performances of these famous characters are a little underwhelming. Perhaps overshadowed by the more recent Marvel movies, some of the voice acting lines are delivered rather poorly. Combined with some questionable looking graphics, you might find yourself excluding some iconic heroes from your roster just so you don’t have to look at them any longer than you have to.


While similar to the first game in the series, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 offers something new and something a little bit different from its predecessor. Letting players jump into some of the comic book giant’s most famous story arcs, fans of the Marvel universe will have plenty to enjoy in this lengthy yet rough around the edges romp.


  • A fantastic time for Marvel fans
  • Simple yet satisfying gameplay
  • Tons to unlock and long skill trees to upgrade


  • Very little difference to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1
  • Voice acting is subpar
  • Graphics can be a bit rough

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