Bus Simulator 16

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a game by stillalive studios GmbH
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
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Bus Simulator 16
Bus Simulator 16
Bus Simulator 16
Bus Simulator 16

What we have here with Bus Simulator 16 is the first in a series of games. Now, I am a big fan of these driving simulator games that have been showing up over the years, especially the truck and train ones. However, I thought that the idea of driving a bus sounded interesting so this has been a series I have been into since this very first game here. Today, we are taking a look at if this first game in the series is worth your time or if you should just skip straight to the most recent release.

The Efficient German Transport System

The setting for the game if you ask me is Germany and you have a fairly large city in Bus Simulator 16 that is made up of different districts. The ultimate goal of the game is to become a good bus driver and make sure that your passengers are happy, getting to where they need to go on time, and that the buses are maintained properly. It would be very easy for me to say that this is a rather barebones experience in comparison to the two games that came after it. But to be fair, the series did have to start somewhere.

Taking Care Of Your Passengers

Let’s face it while most people who use the bus are normal, there are many weirdos that like to use the bus and I feel that Bus Simulator 16 tries to capture that. You see, you have to make sure things are running smoothly and this includes calming down any agitated passengers. I do feel that later games do this better, but it is still cool that it is here. You will have to sell tickets, make small repairs, and so on. There is a decent selection of buses in the game and while I am certainly no bus expert, they are officially licensed and all look the part so that is cool, especially if you think buses are cool.

The Rules Of The Road

Now, the idea of Bus Simulator 16 is to get your passengers where they need to go. This is easier said than done as they have done a fairly decent job of making this city seem like it is alive. We are talking stuff like traffic jams and road works that you have to deal with. Watching out for emergency services, bad drivers, pedestrians and so on. You need to always keep your eyes on the road as you never know what can pop up!

Busses On Ice

Look, there is one area of Bus Simulator 16 that makes this a very, very challenging game to go back to, and unfortunately, it is a pretty big one! What I am talking about here is the way that the buses handle. The buses have a very floaty feel to them, it is like the back end of the bus is always ready to slide out from you and it can make getting to grips with the games control way more challenging than they should be. I feel that they were going for “realism” here, but instead, it makes it more of a chore to play than anything, especially if you are on a busy section of the road as it can feel near impossible not to hit things!


While there are certainly some issues with Bus Simulator 16, especially in regards to how the busses handle. For a game that is the first in its series, I think that they laid the groundwork pretty well here. The handling of the busses is something you can eventually get to grips with and if I remember right, I certainly did back in the day. However, in going back and playing this now, it did feel more like a chore and made me just want to go and play Bus Simulator 21 or even Bus Simulator 18 instead as they built upon what this did very well.


  • I think this was a solid first entry for the series
  • There are different types of licensed busses you can drive
  • I liked how there was more to the gameplay than just driving the busses
  • The city is pretty large and feels alive


  • The handling of the busses feels very slippery and makes for a steep learning curve
  • The later two games in the series make this entry completely obsolete if we are being honest

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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