Skabma - Snowfall

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Игра компании Red Stage Entertainment
Платформа: PC
Рейтинг редактора: 9/10, based on 1 review
Рейтинг пользователя: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Skabma - Snowfall
Skabma - Snowfall
Skabma - Snowfall
Skabma - Snowfall

Get ready for Skabma – Snowfall, one of the most unique and conceptually interesting games to have come out in a long while. Following the main character Áilu, a young Sámi reindeer herder, you must travel the local Nordic wildlands and discover the cause of a strange disease that has suddenly begun spreading across the land. Armed with an enchanted drum, Áilu must explore and battle unique spirits inspire by Sámi folklore. This is a very beautiful game that teaches the players a lot about the rich Sámi culture while providing a genuinely amazing and meaningful story. If you are looking for something that will tick all those boxes, keep reading.


The gameplay of this title is somewhat similar to Kena: Bridge of Spirits, with maybe a little bit of It Takes Two and Death’s Door. A third-person action-adventure game at heart, his game has combat but that is certainly not all that it is about. Using an enchanted drum, the protagonist much traverse this stunning world and try to cure the illness that has gripped it. The drum can be played to summon native spirits, a bear, a fox, a trout and an owl. Using these creatures, you can solve many of the environmental puzzles and obstacles that may block your path. The freedom of movement in this title is absolutely brilliant. Once you have an idea of how the mechanics work, you’ll by flying across the map, bouncing from rock to rock, gliding through the forests like an eagle in a fashion that is surprisingly pleasant to witness and play.


There is both an impressive depth and verticality to this game that flows from its environments. Through traversal and combat, you can find yourself in tundra’s, burning forests, meadows and more. The character models, the clothing and the environments are all fantastic. There is something uniquely joyous about exploring this Nordic land that captures the spirit of adventure so well.

The way the game uses light, whether its ambient light, how tracks show up on the floor or how spirits are presented to the players. It captures your attention, keeps you engaged all throughout, and really conveys the wonder surrounding the magic that can be found in the world.


Arguably one of the most special things about this spellbinding game is its music. Including the traditional Sámi yoik-singing from award-winning Hildá Länsman. Thanks to her, the songs provided in this game are hauntingly beautiful, and can move you in a way you might not have thought possible from a game. Akin to the quality of music found in God of War (2016). It’s the kind of Soundtrack that you can listen to whenever, whether you are playing the game or not.


An amazing game that shows us a lot about an incredible culture. If you are interested in learning about the Sámi people, or just want to play a great adventure game, this is for you.


  • Amazing Visuals
  • Astonishing Music
  • Wonderful Story
  • Tight and functional gameplay


  • The movement is incredible but it almost needs a bigger map to make full use of it.

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Системные требования:

  • PC-совместимый ПК
  • Операционные системы: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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