Perfect Heist 2

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a game by yeswecamp
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Perfect Heist 2
Perfect Heist 2
Perfect Heist 2
Perfect Heist 2

Perfect Heist 2 is an innovative cops and robbers multiplayer game that puts a clever spin on the typical heist scenario. As either a member of the criminal team trying to pull off the perfect bank robbery or one of the cops attempting to stop it, you’ll find fun and challenge in this cat-and-mouse game of disguises, action, and strategy.

What I enjoyed most about Perfect Heist 2 is the creativity built into the robbers’ side. Rather than simply shooting up the bank, you have so many options for stealthily infiltrating and getting away with the cash. The ability to hack ATMs, smuggle in explosives, disguise yourself among civilian NPCs, and finally escape in a getaway chopper makes you feel like you’re living out a Hollywood heist film.

Blending In With the Locals

One of the most unique aspects of Perfect Heist 2 is the disguise mechanics for the robbers. You can kill NPCs and take their clothes to blend into the crowd, sneaking your way toward your objectives. This adds an extra layer of strategy and tension, as you try to act natural while secretly setting up the heist of the century right under the cops’ noses.

When combined with the ability to equip special masks that increase your speed or combat abilities at the cost of standing out, you have challenging risk vs. reward decisions to make. None of the popular heist games like GTA Online or Payday 2 have this undercover dynamic that sets Perfect Heist 2 apart.

Explosive Thrills

Few things bring more excitement to a heist than a perfectly-placed explosion, and blowing up the bank’s vaults in Perfect Heist 2 is extremely satisfying. As a robber, you can smuggle explosives inside disguised as an ordinary civilian, plant them on cash vault doors, and blast your way to untold riches.

The cops can utilize their service weapons freely, turning the bank into a volatile warzone. This emphasis on heavy firepower gives Perfect Heist 2 a distinct action movie feel you don’t get from more grounded heist games.

Cops and Robbers Gameplay

The cops versus robbers multiplayer dynamic is well-implemented in Perfect Heist 2. The cops have special abilities like ID checks, security cameras, and thermal vision to identify the robbers hiding among the civilians.

As a cop, it’s extremely satisfying to catch the robbers red-handed and overwhelm them in an intense shootout. The robbers have their own set of tools, like hacking skills, weaponry, and quick escapes like rappelling from skylights once their cover is blown. Both sides are evenly matched and have unique gameplay during the heist which prevents stalemates.


Perfect Heist 2 modernizes the cops and robbers genre into an explosive multiplayer game where both sides can experience the thrill of pulling off or preventing the perfect bank score.


  • Innovative disguise mechanics for the robbers
  • Satisfying explosive vault breaches
  • Evenly matched cops vs. robbers multiplayer


  • A limited number of heist locations
  • No progression system to unlock new gear

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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