Mysims Kingdom

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Платформа: PC
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Mysims Kingdom
Mysims Kingdom
Mysims Kingdom

One thing that many of the biggest franchises in video games have is that once they get big enough, they begin to diversify their game styles. They make spin-offs and games with completely different gameplay compared to the main line of games they develop. One of these cases is MySims Kingdom, part of the huge franchise of live simulation games we all know and love originally conceived by Will Wright. Even though the games of this franchise are usually better when they are on PC, this console-based game isn’t like the main games, and it really does work even outside of a PC. But what is MySims Kingdom all about? Well, let’s talk about it!

About the game

In this installment, dubbed Kingdom, the main theme of the game will be the medieval age, with stone houses, castles, and structures of all kinds. As usual in the franchise, we will start the game by creating a key character that we will control throughout the game and that will be the absolute protagonist of our adventure.

My Sims Kingdom is not a Sims of the old school, but it does not care so much about the original characters to offer us a new concept of adventure in which creating will be our way to help fellow citizens. My Sims forgets the criticized system of character satisfaction -level of hygiene, hunger, health, etc.- to give way to a new completely original system focused on the construction of infrastructure, making the adventure much more dynamic and, therefore, less heavy.

The structure of the game is repeated continuously: scroll, gather material, and build, with touches of the puzzle in the use of energy transmission. The formula works perfectly, however, it can get a bit repetitive once you've been in the My Sims world for a few hours. And even though the visual aspects of the game may not be a wonder to behold, they work just fine for what the developers were going for. The game runs at a smooth 60fps and gives a nice and comfy user experience.

Unlike your average The Sims

The Sims is one of the most popular franchises in recent years by players. With several installments and a multitude of expansions of all kinds. My Sims, on the other hand, brings together concepts of the family and unites them in a video game that has been conceived exclusively for video game consoles.

We can notice that the game, besides being very different from the main line of The Sims, also resembles titles such as Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon.


MySims Kingdom could be one of the most entertaining Sims games on Wii, both for young kids and for those who want to bring light to Raymond's kingdom. Fortunately, the great setting and simple interface make it an easy and quick game to play, without becoming tiresome and with enough depth to keep us hooked to the TV for a good number of hours.


  • Cute designs
  • Fun Story
  • Nice gameplay


  • Visuals
  • Camera angles are too close

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  • Операционные системы: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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