Camp Pinewood 2

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Платформа: PC
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Camp Pinewood 2
Camp Pinewood 2
Camp Pinewood 2
Camp Pinewood 2

The first game was a point-and-click adventure style of game, but Camp Pinewood 2 is changing things up. This is a 2D adventure game and while I liked the first game, I do think that this one is an improvement. The idea of being in a camp with a bunch of familiar characters from some of our favorite shows is pretty fun add to this a neat animated style and you have a game that is very easy to get lost in. I had a great time with this and I am really shocked to see that there are some folks who do not like this game!

First Day On The Job

The story of Camp Pinewood 2 is that we are the new camp counselor and we are the only dude here. The camp is full of interesting characters (more on that later) and we are trying to get to know the characters better, get laid, and also discover the mystery about what is really going on here. I found the story to be fun and I got some Gravity Falls and Scooby-Doo vibes from the way it is told.

What A Crew!

The characters in this game are taken from popular shows and this is a great part of the appeal of Camp Pinewood 2. We have the likes of Raven from Teen Titans, Korra from Naruto, Wendy from Gravity Fall, Gwen from Ben 10, and many more. It is a lot of fun seeing these characters we know and love in a different way and I was actually interested in getting to know them better…. And bang them of course!

Getting To Know You

Rather than being a point-and-click adventure game like the first one, Camp Pinewood 2 lets you freely run around the camp in 2D. You will need to talk to characters and improve your relationship with them and you will have to complete certain tasks as well. The gameplay is actually pretty simple and mainly revolves around running from point A to point B, but I think it works well and keeps you busy until you unlock the next XXX scene.

Drawn With Some Real Naughtiness!

I love the art style that the developer went for here in Camp Pinewood 2. It has a very cartoon look about it and as most of the cast of characters are taken directly from some popular cartoons, I think that this was a great idea. The game has some awesome XXX scenes as well and these are animated!


I had even more fun with Camp Pinewood 2 than I did the first game. While I enjoyed the first game, I would actually recommend that you skip it and jump straight into this one here. I had a blast with this and there is a lot of content to keep you busy. While I loved the XXX content in the game and the fact it was never too long before the next sex scene. I really do think that the gameplay on offer here is a lot of fun too.


  • I loved the cast of characters
  • There is a mystery aspect to the story which I found to be a lot of fun
  • It has some amazing 2D cartoon style artwork that gives the game a ton of personality
  • I found the gameplay just as much fun as those awesome XXX scenes!


  • For some reason I cannot figure out, I do know that some people simply do not like this game
  • A few more mini-games like the butt slapping one would have been a nice addition

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