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Download captivating adult RPG games and embark on sensual adventures! Level up your characters, engage in mature storylines, and explore provocative worlds. Unleash your inner desires and become the hero of your own erotic journey!

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Want to experience the very best that Illusion Games has to offer? Well, here we are going to share with you some of the highlights of our amazing collection of Illusion games. When it comes to lewd games, you very well could make the argument that these are the premier developers out there. They have an incredible library of lewd games, with great stories, interesting characters, and of course some of the best XXX scenes that you will ever see in a video game. Just down below, we have a sample of what this incredible game developer has to offer you.

One of the most iconic lewd games of all time and not just a lewd game from Illusion games is Honey Select. This is one of the games that really did bring the whole lewd visual novel style of game to the mainstream and it has remained very popular to this day. While you are always best starting with the original, we do have some more Honey Select goodness for you to check out. There is also, Honey Select 2: Portal which is a fantastic sequel. However, you may also be interested in checking out the expansion for the first game which is called, Honey Select Unlimited. This adds in a bunch of new content for you to have some naughty fun with.

Another series of games from Illusion games that is very popular is the Kanojo series of games. We have a nice selection of them for you to check out including Real Kanojo which is a great fun and ideal if you are in the mood for a very naughty lewd game. We do also have some more Kanojo goodness for you too with Kanojo Revisited which is a fun sequel that features even more fun to be had with your special lady. However, if you really want a more personal experience then we highly recommend that you check out VR Kanojo. This at first may seem like it is the same game as Real Kanojo, but it is all in VR. It is a very well-made VR sex game and one that you can have a whole lot of lewd VR fun with.

If you want to see babes kissed by the sun then you want to check out the popular Sexy Beach series of games which is another staple from Illusion games. Two that are well worth your time checking out are Sexy Beach Premium Resort which you help a smoking hot hotel owner keep things running, all the while having some naughty fun yourself. This is a 3D adventure style of game which is quite unusual for the led game genre, but it is one of the better examples of a 3D lewd game. Sexy Beach 3 is one of the best games in the series and plays more like a classic dating sim. You have six sexy ladies that you get to know and try to get it on with.

This is just a small example of the fantastic Illusion games that we have here on the site. There is a reason why many people think that these guys are the lewd game masters! They make some of the highest-quality lewd games on the market and here you can play the very best of what Illusion has to offer.

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