Wicked Island

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a game by RawDarkness
Platform: PC (2024)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Wicked Island
Wicked Island
Wicked Island
Wicked Island

I have to applaud the developer of Wicked Island! What they are trying to do here is phenomenal. A large lewd open world 3rd person survival game! The ambition here is truly outstanding and you can tell that they are giving this their all and want this to be the best game possible. Now, with that being said, what we have here with the demo is pretty much an alpha release of the game, to be honest, I think they may have been better holding off until there was more of the game to show. Anyway, I am so taken in by this I wanted to share my reasons why this is one of the lewd games you have to keep an eye on.

Survival Is The Name Of The Game!

The whole point of Wicked Island is that we need to survive. We live in the most brutal fantasy world around, there are all kinds of beasts that want to have their wicked way with us and impregnate us with their seed! Food needs to be found and grown and we need to build a reliable homestead too. This is a fully fledge survival game and while the story may not be there yet, surviving in a fantasy style world is more than enough to keep me interested.

The Beast Master

Did you ever see the 80s movie, Beast Master? It was awesome! Anyway, Wicked Island has a selection of monsters for us to fight ranging from the furry to the slimy, there is a lot of variety to the monster designs in this game. One thing that I thought was cool was that we can traverse the world not just on horseback, but also on a freaking dragon! I am sure that those who are into fantasy, swords, and sorcery stuff will get a massive kick out of the various beasts and creatures that call this place home!

By My Blade

I am kind of shocked at all the people complaining about the way Wicked Island is running. The first release of this is pretty much an alpha, bugs, and crashes are to be expected, it is the point of running an alpha! The gameplay here has us needing to explore to find items such as food, food serves as various buffs which is cool. The combat system right now is very basic, just slash away and hope for the best. You need to explore and fight these monsters and also build your homestead, that is all there really is in the game right now. The world is a bit empty and it did run a bit buggy. Yet, despite me saying that I still had fun with this as I can see the potential this game has if they get it all to click just right.

Big Monsters = Big Monster Dongs!

I already talked about the awesome creatures that are in Wicked Island! Well, the game in general, has that classic fantasy look which is something I do like. However, these monsters get to ravage our main character! I have never been into seeing these ridiculously huge monster penises banging a hot chick, it just looks so hoaky. Hey, some people like this so it is a completely personal thing. I can though say I appreciate how well done it all is. The world does need fleshing out a tad more, but so far, I am really enjoying the world and monsters. Oh, you actually see your character get pregnant which is something I know many people enjoy.


With Wicked Island being an alpha release as I write this, there is no way that I can fairly give it a score. What we have here is a great concept and I think that it is impressive that the game is so early in development, but it has as much going right for it as it does. If you like survival games, lewd content, and fantasy stuff, be sure to give this game a look, I am sure you are the perfect person this game was made for.


  • I liked the fantasy world that they created
  • Some of the monsters look big and imposing
  • It is trying to be a large 3rd person survival game and that is cool
  • The character creation stuff is a lot of fun to play around with


  • The monster banging a hot chick has never done anything for me
  • With this being an alpha, it is rather buggy and far from being finished

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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