UFO Sightings Simulator

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a game by Galera Studios, and Space Banana Studio
Platform: PC (2024)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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UFO Sightings Simulator
UFO Sightings Simulator
UFO Sightings Simulator
UFO Sightings Simulator

UFO Sightings Simulator is a game that feels like it was made just for me. During my high school days in the '90s, I was all in on a certain popular TV series that aimed to see if the “truth is out there” if you know what I am saying! This is a game that is all about trying to capture images of UFOs and discovering the secrets of what is going on. I have put a lot of time into the demo of this and while the final version of the game is not yet out, I have seen more than enough to know for sure that this is a game for me.

Spooky Mulder!

I have always wanted to play a game that made me feel like I was Fox Mulder from The X-Files and that is kind of what we have going on here with UFO Sightings Simulator. We play as a UFO investigator and we are on this weird island with a creepy ass house and there is a lot of UFO activity on this island. We are using our wits to try and capture as many UFO pictures as we can which we can then make money on so that we can continue our research. Ok, so it may not be the full X-Files experience I was hoping for, but it is still something that I think is really neat.

Life Through A Lens

The idea of UFO Sightings Simulator is that you need to explore the island and then snap any UFOs that you see. The better the picture, the more you can make from your photo. The photo aspect is similar to something like Pokémon Snap, you see the UFO, you take the pic and then you need to upload your photo to one of several different places. Where you upload your photo is important so there is a bit of strategy involved here. I found it very exciting when you would be exploring the island and then you come across a UFO and you have to decide if you are going to snap the picture there and then or if you are going to try and get a better angle, but run the risk of missing your opportunity to get the perfect shot.

UFO Hunting Is Hungry Work

I get the feeling that when they were making UFO Sightings Simulator they knew that snapping photos of the UFOs was not going to be enough to base a whole game around so they have added in a bit more to pad the gameplay out. This comes in the form of having to buy stuff. We are talking rations so that you can survive like a big tasty pizza for example. However, you can also buy stuff like decorations for the place you are staying at and also a bike so that you can get around the island a bit quicker. To be fair, I do think this does a decent job of padding the gameplay out a bit more.

The Best Of Intentions!

Hmm, I have been trying to decide how I feel about the presentation of UFO Sightings Simulator. They have gone for a rather basic/retro look to the game, it kind of reminds me of a halfway point between something like Roblox and Minecraft if that makes sense. I am not saying that they should have gone super realistic to scare us as that is not what the tone of the game is. However, I am still not entirely sure what I think of the visuals. It does have a lot of charm to it and it is certainly interesting, however, I think I will have to wait until the final version of the game comes out and I have played through it all until I can decide if the presentation is for me.


If you are someone who gets a kick out of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena, you are exactly the kind of person that UFO Sightings Simulator is made for. I also feel that anyone who enjoys The X-Files is probably going to have fun with this. The process of finding and photographing UFOs is something that I have had a lot of fun with and I am excited to see this through until the end. I am not super comfortable giving the game a score just yet as I need to see if the gameplay loop loses its charm the longer the game goes on.


  • If you find UFOs interesting, you will enjoy this
  • It is exciting when you see a UFO
  • I like how there are some social/survival type aspects to the gameplay
  • Deciding what to do with your photos is fun


  • I do wonder how the gameplay will hold up towards the end of the game
  • I’m not sure the visual style is fully clicking with me

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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