Resident Evil: 9

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Today we are having some real fun as we take a philosophical look at what Resident Evil 9 could be. 2021 was a huge year for the franchise we got a brand-new game that took the series in a very interesting direction and we even got an awesome new show on Netflix. However as good as the year has been for the series, we know there is more to come and this is what we are looking at today. Please be warned that there are spoilers ahead for the most recent Resident Evil game.

Where Do We Go From Here?

We have to start by talking about how Resident Evil: Village ended. So, this is your last warning to stop reading if you do not want that game spoiled! We have to assume that Resident Evil 9 will pick up where Village left off. Ethan Winters is dead, he was actually dead all along, he was made of mold!

At the end of the game, his daughter Rose visits his grave as a teenager and pays her respects. We find out that she has some kind of powers and that she has been training with Chris Redfield! It is fair to assume that a major possibility is that we will play a Rose and the next game will be about her story, probably with some flashbacks about what happened to her after the events of Resident Evil 8.

What About The In-Between?

At the very end of Resident Evil Village, Ethan dies and then the ending of the game takes place where Chris Redfield discovers that the soldiers who were sent to “help” were not human and that they were organic bioweapons! This makes him very concerned and he vows to head out and find out what happened.

Perhaps, Resident Evil 9 will not just be Rose’s story and will instead focus on what happened with these “monster” soldiers and Chris’s investigation as well as him helping Rose come to terms with her powers? Between the time Chris sets off and we see Rose at Ethan’s grave, at least 15 years have to have passed. That is a long time so you do have to wonder if that is where the next game will be set.

Action Or Horror?

Did you know that apparently, people complained that Resident Evil 7 Biohazard was too scary??? That is why Resident Evil: Village had a much more action kind of gameplay. Hey, I loved Village, it is as of me writing this my game of the year. However, some fans were quite vocal that they did not like how the horror was toned down in favor of a more action style of game.

With how well the last game was received you do have to think that Capcom will probably be very reluctant to change the tone and style of Resident Evil 9. It is very interesting to think about and you do have to also wonder if they will go even more action-heavy.

Resident Evil 4 was more about action and it was regarded as one of the greatest games of all time. Capcom gave us even more action in 5 and went way over the top with action in 6, so they do have a history of doing this!


Look, we all know that Resident Evil 9 is a long way away, but it is certainly fun to think about what it could be. The easy thought is that it will be about a teenage Rose trying to get the hang of her powers and Chris Redfield being part of her life. However, there is all that missing time from the end of Village to that post-credits scene with Rose that they could focus on too.

Potential Pros:

  • We get to play as a brand new character
  • We find out what the deal with those enhanced monster soldiers is
  • The game could let us play as Rose and Chris
  • There is potential that it could span many years

Potential Cons:

  • Will they focus too much on action?
  • It is more than likely that this will not come out for PS4 or Xbox One

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