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Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2

Yeah, I dig Ferrari's and Porsche's as much as the next guy (that would probably be Greg)

Super Off Road

In the game, up to 3 players compete against each other or the computer in racing around several top-view indoor off-road truck tracks of increasing difficulty.

Spy Hunter 2

How can driving a souped-up spy car loaded with tons of weapons and the ability to transform from car to boat to 4-wheeler be anything but fun?

Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open

The Test Drive series hits the Xbox at full speed with Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open.

Super Sprint

One or two players can race in Super Sprint, experiencing the thrill, speed and excitement of racing in the Grand Prix.


It’s not hard to get the hang of each car’s maneuvering techniques; however, winning the race is a different story.

Supercar Street Challenge

Who hasn’t fantasized about racing around on streets like the local pretty boy, racing around in cool cars and giving your opponents nothing but taillights and exhaust?

Looney Tunes Racing

The cartoon world was stunned when Daffy Duck, coming out of turn five in Duck Dodger world, took an ACME(tm) homing cream pie to the face causing him to spin out of control momentarily, allowing Marvin the Martian to take the checkered flag.


Untamed racing in the ultimate killer cars! Nine brutal 3D tracks across volcanoes, jungles, oceans and more. Nine killer cars armed with missiles, time bombs, boomerangs and more. Night and rain racing. Challenge, Grand Prix, and Custom Cup racing..
Nintendo 64

San Francisco Rush: The Rock

SF Rush is one of the most innovative driving games ever released in the arcades, and it went on to become the most successful driving game in Atari's 25-year history.

Test Drive Off-Road 3

Beyond Rally Cross 2, there hasn't been many offroad racing games that pull off the physics and speed of the real thing.

Smugglers Run

Well, it's kinda like a racing game, it's sorta like vehicular combat, and it plays a lot like Motocross Madness on the PC.

Virtua Racing

From the arcade to the armchair! Sega's revolutionary SVP chip puts you in the driving seat of the most technically advanced game ever. Stunning polygon graphics, four selectable viewpoints, and high-speed action combine to make this the greatest r..
Sega Genesis

Beetle Adventure Racing!

The adventure begins when you leave the road behind! Smashing, bashing fun! Crash and dash! Ultra-fast nitro blast! Go anywhere - choose your own routes, find surprises at every turn! Do anything - grab big-time air, engage in four-car mayhem!
Nintendo 64

Destruction Derby Raw

No doubt this series has fallen on tough times recently.

Running Wild

Running Wild combines the novelty of upright running animals and crazy obstacle-filled courses with classic cartoon elements to create one wacky racing game.

Hard Drivin'

The first of the polygon-rendered racing sims, the original coin-up took the arcades by storm.
Sega Genesis