Pocket Stables

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a game by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Pocket Stables
Pocket Stables
Pocket Stables
Pocket Stables

Even though in real life it may be really stressful and tough, when it comes to games, the management genre is a really popular one, and it’s even considered to be relaxing. The best example of this is the many farm simulation games or any other similar games, where you can play around with all kinds of crops and animals without any actual effort. Kairosoft is an already known developer, and this time they come and surprise us with their title Pocket Stables. By the name, you could have already guessed what's the theme of the game, but still, there's more to it than its name. So, what is Pocket Stables all about? Let's get started.

About the game

The basic idea of Pocket Stables is based on the management of horses and breeding them, raising them from foals until they become adults, and then sending them off to races and competitions. There are different breeds available, and each of them has different characteristics. As the name Pocket Stables indicates, we will be in charge of training race horses on our ranch. To do this we will have to start by buying at least one horse, to choose from the breeds that we are given to choose from at the beginning, with three breeds that will not amount to much, but that well-trained can earn us some money and prestige.

Using the different types of facilities we will have to train the horses to improve their speed, endurance, intensity, and dexterity to make better races. Although not only the horse is important, having a good jockey will help to improve the performance of the equine in the races, giving us more opportunities to win.

When the horse begins to lose its abilities (around the age of four) we will be able to retire it to have offspring, in case we want to have foals of its own. In any case, we will gain access to horses with better pedigree, which will cost much more but will return your investment in the form of better qualities and earlier access to the most important races.

A popular developer

As soon as you get into the game you might notice that the visuals look pretty similar, especially to another management game available on mobile devices also. And that’s because Kairosoft already created some incredible management-based games. Some of the most popular are games like Anime Studio Story and especially Game Dev Story.

The latter one revolves around building your own game developing studio and making it grow to the biggest of the triple-A game studios. The visuals and gameplay are pretty similar to Pocket Stables, so if you’ve enjoyed those games, you’ll love Pocket Stables.


As usual, Kairosoft delivers a pretty solid game and it was cheap even from release. It's pretty fun to play and it gets to be really addictive, and each run you make of the game feels new and different. There are many choices and a lot to do, but it does get to be a little repetitive when you've played it enough.


  • Lovely visuals
  • Fun gameplay
  • Lots of different horses


  • It feels a bit small
  • If it doesn’t catch you, you simply won’t like it

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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