Neversong - Once Upon A Coma

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a game by Atmos Games
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Neversong - Once Upon A Coma
Neversong - Once Upon A Coma
Neversong - Once Upon A Coma
Neversong - Once Upon A Coma

Have you ever been so shocked that you just fell into a coma? Weird question to ask right? Well, in Neversong: Once Upon A Coma, this is exactly what happens and from there you are left to pick up the pieces, uncover the mystery and find your friend Wren who has been kidnapped. This one toes the line between gritty and dark and childishly whimsical perfectly. So what you are left with is an indie game that plays out like a Grimm fairytale.

The game itself plays rather like the tried and tested Metroidvania format with the closest comparison to This one being Hollow Knight or Limbo. The game uses platforming, exploration, backtracking in a 2D open world, a polished combat system and a series of clever, well-designed puzzles to offer one of the best indie experiences 2020 has to offer so far.

Sinister but looks sweet

Don’t let this game fool you. Although it may look like a title that is made with children and young teens in mind, this one actually has some dark and gritty themes bubbling under the surface. The aesthetic is very cartoonish in its nature but the overall plot and dialogue you encounter are far more grown-up than the appearance might suggest. In a way it’s quite like Stardew Valley in this sense, cute on the surface but deals with dark themes that other titles might leave well alone.

The gameplay as mentioned offers a Metroidvania, 2D adventure. This is something that has been done to death for decades now, however, developers continue to find ways to keep this format fresh and this title is an example of this. There is a refined combat system that is simplistic but deep enough to offer something new with each acquired special ability, keeping the gameplay fresh throughout.

Then there is a collection heavy aspect to this game that treasure hunters and completionists will love. You can collect coma cards which give the players some added lore and have you acquire new skins for the character. There are also phenomenal puzzles incorporated into the areas that really test your cognitive abilities and your problem-solving acumen. These puzzles also use the environment expertly too which is a credit to the designers.

Then with regards to the sound quality. This game really delivers on this front both in the voice acting department and with the musical score. The voice acting is delivered for each character wonderfully and as for the score. The sombre tones, the easy-breezy tones and everything in between is produced with care and attention so that it represents the themes and ideas of this world perfectly.

Wake up, wake up!

This game has an awful lot of character right from the off, mixing light and dark themes beautifully to create an atmosphere and narrative that is truly captivating. Not only that, but the gameplay is fun and well designed. Whether you’re into platforming, combat, puzzles or RPG elements, this game has something for everyone and ticks all of these boxes very competently indeed.


In terms of criticism for the game, the platforming is definitely the weakest aspect of the game with it being quite infrequent and nowhere near as refined as the other aspects of the title. Plus, the character models are have strange proportions, making it hard to be precise in moments where you need to be exactly that. Overall though, the good outweighs the bad and what you are left with is a charming game that we urge you to give a try as soon as you can.


  • Mix of light and dark themes
  • Varied palette of mechanics
  • Slick and simplistic combat system
  • Great puzzles
  • Art and visuals are outstanding


  • The story does ebb and flow
  • Platforming could be better
  • Small character models cause unnecessary difficulty

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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