Midnight Suns

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Игра компании Firaxis Games
Платформа: PC
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Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns

When it was announced, Marvel’s Midnight Suns completely blew me away. The debut trailer, which just showed off the story and the style of the game had my jaw on the floor. It came out of nowhere and then when we got more information about the game, it was pretty surprising to see that this was not some kind of 3rd person action game. It was actually a turn-based strategy game. A turn-based strategy game that is based around the darker side of the Marvel universe? Sign me up and count me in!

The Mother Of Demons

I have to say the story of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is what I am most excited about. Hydra has brought back to life Lilith, The Mother of Demons for their own nefarious needs. The Avengers know that they need some special kind of help with this so they call in The Midnight Suns who are Blade, Ghost Rider, Magik, and Nico Minoru. The real kicker of the story is that we get to create a brand new Marvel character called, The Hunter.

Hunter My Hunter!

The Hunter is the child of Lilith and the only known person to defeat her. You can make The Hunter in Marvel’s Midnight Suns either a male or female character and you have over 40 different superpowers that you can give them. I have played games where I have gotten to make my own superhero before. However, none have gone as in-depth and made them such an integral part of the story like this game is attempting to do.

Hero Up

I already mentioned the Midnight Suns that are in the game, but this game is actually stacked with Marvel Superhero’s that you can interact with and add to your team. There is some great representation here with characters like Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Dr. Strange. It is a great lineup of characters that people know very well along with a few that are a bit more obscure.

X-Men or X-Com!

What really got me excited about Marvel’s Midnight Suns was when it was announced that Firaxis Games the guys and gals that made the amazing X-Com series of games were behind this. This is a tactics/strategy game with a few RPG elements sprinkled on top for good measure. Before a mission, you can explore your home base which is called The Abbey. Here you can communicate with other heroes and in RPG fashion, this can lead to buffs and benefits on the battlefield.

You can take a team of three into a mission and the battles are all tactics based. A bit of a twist here that I think is neat is that you are given a deck of cards before each round. You use these cards to attack, heal, and so on. It is a system that I think is going to have a real learning curve, but once it all clicks, I think this is going to be a game that is very satisfying to play.

I know that some people may be disappointed that Marvel’s Midnight Suns is not an action game. However, I think this is a brave direction for a Marvel game to go. Superhero games tend to be 3rd person action games, that is what we have come to expect.


So seeing someone take a chance and also take a chance with characters are not quite as well known is something I think is really cool. I am very excited about this one, I loved the X-Com games so I have a lot of faith in what these people are doing.


  • The story this game is telling seems epic
  • I like the idea of creating a brand-new Marvel hero
  • It has a great lineup of characters
  • The game is a mixture of strategy, turn based tactics, RPG elements, and action!


  • I do wonder if there will be a steep learning curve with this
  • Will different heroes in your party, change the story at all?

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