Megaman and Bass

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Игра компании Capcom
Платформа: GBA
Рейтинг редактора: 8/10, based on 1 review
Рейтинг пользователя: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Megaman and Bass
Megaman and Bass
Megaman and Bass
Megaman and Bass

The Blue Bomber is back in action again, fighting to save humanity from its latest threat, Robot King and his hordes of evil robots in Mega Man and Bass. This is Capcom's latest release of their very successful Mega Man series. The plot is simple enough. Robot King has stolen Dr. Wily's plans, which will allow him to create an army of evil robots with the goal of dominating humanity and ruling the world. Only Mega Man and Bass can stop him, but is this game as good as all the hype? Read on, to find out.

MM&B gives you the option of playing as Mega Man or Bass. Each has their own special attacks and it's definitely worth checking them both out. Although the true Mega Man fan will no doubt opt for Mega Man, I found that I preferred playing Bass. Mega Man has the super charged attack and the ability to slide through tight places, but I appreciated Bass's ability to double jump and rapid fire in any direction.

There are hardcore Mega Man fans that will disagree with me but while the game play takes me back to the classic arcade gaming days, which I like, I couldn't overcome the frustration factor. By this I mean, that you better enjoy each level, as you will have the pleasure of replaying each one over and over again. Plan on dying repeatedly; as you are forced to learn by trial and error, what it takes to successfully chart each level. Some games cut you some slack, allowing you to learn without suffering the repeated death scene not so with Mega Man. You fall or hit a spike and you're dead. One feature that helps to alleviate some of the frustration is that once you get passed the first level, you will have several options on which level to attempt next. This slight deviation from linear game play allows you to check out other levels, if the one that you are currently playing is too tough.

The levels are challenging and filled with your standard assortment of power ups. As you progress through each level, you collect screws, which can be exchanged at the Light Research Center for powerful power-up parts. Spend your screws wisely as there are areas in the game where you will definitely need a helping hand to overcome. There is some replay value for the obsessed, as there are 100 CDs hidden throughout the game. Robot King stole these CDs and they contain robot data building plans. Often times, you will see a CD on a level, which has no visible way to grab it, in these cases, you will need to acquire the right power up to enable you to reach that area.

The bottom line is that the hardcore Mega Man fans will loves this game and will experience hours and hours of fun, everyone else should rent it first. For me, it's the depth of a game that keeps me playing it for hours and not setting the difficulty so high that you are forced to spend hours just repeating a level. I know, Capcom traditionally makes Mega Man games tough, but at some point a game has to be fun to play as well.

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