Mega Man 4

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a game by Capcom, and Minakuchi Engineering Co
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: NESNES, GameBoy
Editor Rating: 8.1/10, based on 8 reviews
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 4 votes
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Living here in the good ol' USA, you can count on a lot of things. You can bet that each new TV season will arrive with plenty of trumpeting and fanfare, and very little else. You can count on a successful action movie having a slew of sequels (Rambo 18 anyone?).

In the video game world, as each new Christmas season approaches, you can look for the latest installment of further adventures of Capcom's titanium wonder, Mega Man, in your toy store. It's just like clockwork!

The Robotic Cold War

A mad doctor has a nefarious plan for world domination -- but before you say "Oh, Dr. Wiley's at it again", hold your tongue! Evil has a new name -- and it's Dr. Cossack!

You see, Dr. Cossack has a bruised ego. Cossack has been designing all these robots for years and years, yet no one pays much attention to him. Dr. Light is hailed as the world's greatest robot designer -- after all, he did design our hero, Mega Man. Meanwhile, Dr. Cossack sits in his Siberian citadel and fumes.

Finally, Cossack's brain boils over -- he sends eight of his most powerful robots to destroy Mega Man. Toad Man, Bright Man, Dust Man, Ring Man, Drill Man, Dive Man, Skull Man, and Pharaoh Man are the robot masters you have to deal with this go around -- and there isn't a weenie amongst them!

Who's the Boss?

In addition to the brand new robot rogue's gallery, Mega Man 4 features some villains from earlier Mega Man games, such as the Torpedo Fish (that show up on the Toad Man and Dive Man levels), Meteors (the little guys with the hard hats - that show up almost everywhere), and Batteries (those green metal things that shoot big red balls). But don't get me wrong - this ain't just a rehash, there's lots of new, original foes such as the monster-size robo-hippos and the gigantic missile-whales.


  • Hop through Toad Man's lair first. It's the easiest place to start and beating Toad Man nets you the Rain Flush and a Rush Marine Adaptor.

  • To defeat Toad Man, stay close to him so he can't use his Rain Hush. Blast him with your Mega Buster and move right and left to avoid having him land on you.

  • When battling Bright Man, by to get frozen in mid-air or move farther away when he's about to use his "Freeze Flash." That way, most of his shots will miss you and he won't be able to jump on you.

  • In Ring Man's world, use the Rain Flush to easily defeat the giant robot hippos.

  • The best way to defeat Drill Man is to blast him with the Dive Missiles when he surfaces. When he burrows underground, keep jumping and moving from left to right and back to decrease the chance of him burrowing up under you.

More Tricks Up Your Sleeves

Another new element in Mega Man 4 is the helpful devices you can find. Previously, you only got new weapons and devices by defeating a super baddie. But two new devices - the Wire Adaptor, which enables Mega Man to fire a wire up to a ledge or ceiling and haul his can up, and the Balloon Adaptor, which creates a small floating platform Mega Man can stand on - are hidden within the game. You won't have to beat anyone to get these devices, but it's possible to miss them!

  • You'll find the Balloon Adaptor on the Pharaoh Man level; the Wire Adaptor is on the Dive Man level.
  • Every Mega Man game has a spot or two where it's easy to get weapon capsules and energy pellets. In Mega Man 4, the Skulls provide the easiest way to full power-up.

Nuts and Bolts

The Mega Man games form a classic NES series, and NESers have grown accustomed to their challenge and style. If you like one of these games, you probably like them all. Mega Man 4 continues the tradition - crazed robot baddies, good character graphics, great background art, and warped, mechanical music. When you have a good game, why make radical changes? Capcom sticks to the blueprints in Mega Man 4 -- guaranteeing happiness for Mega Man fans everywhere.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

That's right Mega Man is back for his fourth adventure. In this version you will learn a lot about the history of Mega Man as to how a courageous man named Rock was turned into Mega Man in order to face Dr. Willy and return peace back to the galaxy. You learn this through a series of cinema displays in the beginning of the game. However, you don't only find out about the creation of Mega Man, but you also find out how Dr. Willy got to be such a threat.

It all started one day when Dr. Light created new industrial robots that could do the work of a thousand men. These robots worked fine for a while but one day the robots just started to trash the whole city. There was one person behind all of this - Dr. Willy. Mega Man has fought with Dr. Willy before, but when the battle was over, Dr. Willy always managed to escape. Now Mega man must take on a new batch of berserk robots in Mega Man 4.

While this game is much like the previous series, but there is a whole new batch of weapons, and bosses. In this game you will have to battle through two castles. Dr. Willy awaits you in one, but there is an unknown force waiting to do battle with you for the first time. The U.S. National Video Game Team will take you through this new Mega Man adventure with a series of maps and tips. Again, only in EGM!

Mega Man is gonna make history with a fourth Game Boy sequel (the tenth Mega Man title in the overall series). This latest handheld adventure includes some of the best and brightest robots, such as Toad Man, Napalm Man, and Pharaoh Man, all from Mega Man 4 and 5 for the NES. As Mega Man pursues Doc Wily once again, he's joined by Rush (his canine companion), Flip Top (a cybernetic suitcase), and Beat (his robotic attack bird).

Now appearing in his fourth Game Boy sequel (the tenth cart in the series overall) is Mega Man! This cart compiles some of the best robots from Mega Man IV and V on the NES, including Toad Man, Bright Man, Pharaoh Man, Ring Man, Crystal Man, Napalm Man, Star Man, and Charge Man. During his quest to beat Doc Wily one more time, the Man is also joined by robo-buddies Rush, Flip Top, and Beat.

  • Manufacturer: Capcom
  • # of players: 1
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: November 1993
  • Number of Levels: 12
  • Theme: Action

The evil Dr. Wily is at it again in the fourth installment of the mega popular series, Mega Man. This time Dr. Wily has sent his most powerful robots across the world, to combat them. Dr. Light has invented a new machine to make power items for Mega Man to use in his fight against Dr. Wily, but to make these items Dr. Light needs to use special energy items called P Chips. Mega Man must collect as many P Chips as possible, and then bring them back to Dr. Light's lab. The more P Chips Mega Man brings back to Dr. Light, the better the items Dr. Light can invent for Mega Man. Also to help Mega Man's fight is Rush, Protoman and Flip Top. Rush can turn into a springboard to launch Mega Man in the air. Protoman and Flip Top appear in some stages and give Mega Man helpful items. Mega Man must take advantage of their help if he wants to defeat Dr. Wily.


  • In Pharaoh Man's stage Mega Man has to make his way through sand, which is not very easy at all. If he stays in one place too long, he will start to sink into the sand.
  • Just when Mega Man thinks it can't get any worse, he now has to work his way down through the sand caves with less room to jump free from the sand.
  • In this part in the sand cave, Mega Man must jump on the blocks, and then wait for them to drop down so he can slide through the wall. Timing is critical here.
  • Mega Man must find the letters B, E, A, and T. These letters are hidden in the first four stages. In this stage Mega Man gets the letter A.
  • It's time for Mega Man to fight Pharaoh Man. Be sure to have extra energy.
  • Release: 1993
  • Levels: 12

People say:


This is one of the better GameBoy games out there. It pushes the GameBoy to its limits and then some. The action is just like on the NES, plus the music is very well done. My only real problem is that the screen blurs too much. It makes certain enemies and shots hard to see. Overall, it's a great way to play Mega Man. If you have a GameBoy, Mega Man IV should interest you. It's an above average game.


Mega Man... again. Oh well, Capcom has a way of creating the Mega Man series over and over again while still being fun to play. New Bosses and weapons spice up the game while the levels are still challenging with their confusing twists and turns. The blurring is still a reoccurring problem when Mega Man is on the move but it doesn't detract from the absolute fun Mega Man always delivers.


Incredible! Not the game - the fact that I like a GameBoy game. Anyway, I could say the same thing about the game as well, because it's pretty darn good. This has everything a great MM game is: fantastic graphics (even for a GB game), good music that gets you into the game, and inventive Bosses. The levels are incredibly long which adds a bit to the difficulty. A great title from the boys at Capcom.


GameBoy and I have a bad history, but Mega Man on any format is a great game. The technique and weapons make it a timeless classic. Sure it screams for a higher platform, but even in green it has the timing and technique that make it fun. Overall sounds and graphic are decent put the playability is great. All the features of passwords and acquiring the Boss's weapons make it a fun game to take along on trips.

  • Number of Levels: 18
  • Theme: Action
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Available: January 1992

Mega intense!

Get ready for the most explosive, action-packed Mega Man yet! This time our robotic hero combines the talents that you've mastered in the first three games with some even more incredible powers! Now, in number four, you must locate special weapons, explore another castle of creatures as well as take advantage of the RC robots created by Dr.Light! Toss in some ultra cool graphics, sterling game play and even more enhancements and you get the best Mega Man adventure yet!

We also get to learn some of the history behind our hero in part four. Through the use of some truly awesome cinema displays, you'll get the first look at how the household robots were turned into instruments of evil! You also get a chance to see how the warrior Rock, became the mechanical Mega Man!

Even though time has passed since their last encounter, the action, graphics and play of Mega Man are better than ever in part four!

New mega buster

Mega Man comes equipped with an even more powerful blaster in part four! Power-up the buster three times:

  • Your mega buster is equip with the standard mega bullets!
  • Hold down the attack button to increase the Buster blast and power!
  • Delay your attack release longer and the shot power intensifies!

Super mega weapons!

In the three previous Mega Mans adventures, it was essential to overcome the Bosses since you stole their powers! This unique feature is back in part tour, with eight new Bosses end weapons! Also, like Mega Man 3, the latest game features the RC robots to help you out when things get tough! The same three Rush robots are back to help you above the ground and underwater! The RC robots are also retrieved from special opponents as well as two new bonus items! These enhancements include a balloon adapter that will release a rising platform and a wire adapter which fires straight up and attaches to the ceiling! These two new power-ups are essential in getting certain locations in the game that are otherwise too high!

Pharaon man

The enemies at the beginning of this level will strike at you from below so be especially careful! Watch your step in this tricky area and also make sure that you jump occasionally when walking in the sand or else the quicksand will start to pull you under! Use your Mega blast to defeat Pharaoh Man at the conclusion of the round by being wary of his special Mega beam!

Toad man

The rain in this level will slow Mega Man down. That makes it very easy for the enemies above to hit you. Be sure to activate the skulls when you arrive here! Also, don't stand in the water that is on the platforms because the water will carry Mega Man to the right side of the platform and into some deadly spikes!

Ring man

This may be a little difficult at first, but once you master the play technique required to pass the Ring Man enemies you should have no problem at all! Don t take any of the platforms for granted, however, because they might just move out from under you! If this happens, run to either end of the platform - using the slide to speed your way if necessary!

Drill man

This is another useful level to come prepared with the skull! During this round you have to run under falling rocks. Be sure to have the skull power-up activated against the rocks that fall from above and don't jump too high because the ceilings are covered with drill bits.

Skull man

The new enemies that you meet in this round are quite difficult to best. Don't be fooled by the skeletons! Although they will fall apart when shot, they will quickly come back to life! The only way to defeat these undead nasties is to fully power-up your blaster and let 'em have it! One shot does the trick!

Main fortress!

After beating all eight robot Bosses, you'll enter the main fortress of the mastermind behind the robot rebellion! Prepare to meet the deadliest enemy Mega Man has ever faced and learn the true story of your identity!

Dust man

At the beginning of this level, you are going to have to make several jumps. Don't rush right into these jumps, however, because when you must move all the way to the edge until upcoming enemy appears! When he pops up, shoot him and then jump very quickly. The boss is going to try to suck you up with his vacuum so watch out!

Dive man

Don't try this level until you have the Rush Marine because almost the entire battle will take place underwater! The Rush Marine will help you with better control underwater! Be sure, however, that you have enough energy in the Rush Marine to take on the Boss or you'll find yourself in a Mega-sized load of underwater trouble!

Secret fortress

Don't think that the battle is over after beating the fortress! An even greater secret awaits!

Our hero Mega Man is back in his fourth and most perilous adventure yet! Featuring all new mazes loaded with a new batch of mechanical monstrosities just waiting to pounce on him. But Mega Man will have help in addition to a new arsenal of weapons. Could his nemesis Dr. Wily be behind all of the mayhem that is going on? We'll just have to wait a while longer before we find out!

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