Mega Man X Legacy Collection

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a game by Capcom
Platform: PC (2018)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Mega Man X Legacy Collection
Mega Man X Legacy Collection
Mega Man X Legacy Collection

Mega Man X Legacy Collection takes one of the most beloved franchises from the 90s and brings the first four entries into one package, providing an epic adventure full of robots and mayhem. In this compilation pack, you get to experience the beginning of the 16-bit era of the blue bomber as he takes on a group of rogue robots who want to take over the world. With intense sidescrolling action, multiple weapons, and tons of secrets to find, the Mega Man X Legacy Collection is a perfect package for fans of the franchise.

Main Game Features

  • Retro sidescrolling action
  • Includes four games in the Mega Man X franchise
  • X Challenge Boss Rush mode


The Mega Man X Legacy Collection includes four games, Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3, and Mega Man X4. All four games focus on humanity's fight to defeat the Maverick Hunters, an elite group of villainous robots led by the powerful Sigma. To win this fight, humans employ the use of a heroic robot named Mega Man X and his companion Zero to bring them down. This war continues throughout the four games, as Mega Man X must destroy dozens of unique Maverick Hunters with special abilities.

Apart from a few opening cutscenes and quick moments of dialogue, the story in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection mostly acts as a vehicle for the crazy action. The characters are cool and full of personality, especially Zero who wields a powerful sword. While the villains get less interesting as the series progresses, each game has enough variety and offers a fun enough story.


The real treat of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection is the gameplay, which mixes platforming, side-scrolling shooting, and exploration. In each of the games, you'll need to beat eight different bosses before tackling the final level, but you can take them on in any order you like. Each boss possesses a unique weapon that you get to use once you beat them, and if you use the right weapon on the right boss, you'll do massive damage. Figuring out the correct order and battling the bosses is half of the fun, but things can be very challenging at times. Luckily, the Mega Man X Legacy Collection includes a new Rookie Hunter mode, which makes the game easier for new players.

When you're not speeding after the next boss, you'll want to take time exploring levels and looking for extra paths, as there are many secrets to find. Heart containers can be collected to increase your overall health, while special armor upgrades improve your damage and defense. If you're thorough enough, you might even unlock one of the super secret moves, which includes the “hadouken” move from Street Fighter II. Finding secrets also unlocks extra content in the main gallery, including concept art, trailers, and more. Players who are confident in their skill can also take on the X Challenge, a brutal boss gauntlet that will push you to your limits.


Mega Man X and its sequels are often held as some of the best games on the Super Nintendo and this collection is the best way to experience these masterpieces. Besides the X Challenge and a few unlockable images and videos, there aren't too many extras, but it's a good collection nonetheless.


The addition of Rookie Mode also makes it a more approachable experience for casual players. If you like fighting bosses and fighting through awesome levels, try out the Mega Man X Legacy Collection!


  • Rookie Hunter mode is good for beginners
  • Four full games to enjoy
  • X Challenge is a fun boss showcase


  • Some levels are frustrating
  • Not as many unlockables as the first collection
  • Backtracking is required for some upgrades

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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