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a game by MaratDuoDev
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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While Crossworlds has a long way to go in its development, I can see the potential of this lewd adventure game shining through. I am someone who loves a bit of fantasy, sword, and sorcery type thing going on in my lewd games and that is what this game has by the bucket load. I know that there is a bit of negativity around the game, but I think that is way too harsh. This is a rather early game and the developers appear to be listening to players so changes will be coming.


The premise of the story in Crossworlds is something that I think is really neat. We play as a regular Joe who is absolutely stuck in a rut in his hometown. One day, we end up switching places with an alternate version of ourselves who lives in a fantasy world! Here we notice that we have these strange mind control powers and start our journey to become a “hero” with a much more interesting life. The version that I have currently played has the bare basics for a story, but it is certainly there and I think it has the potential to be cool.

Better Hit That Spelling & Grammar Check!

While I can certainly see the potential of the story that Crossworlds is trying to tell, it needs some major work in the editing department. It is all over the place and I am not just talking small spelling or grammar mistakes. Referring to a female as a lad or calling one person they as if they are a group are just a few of the things that spring to mind, but the whole story is filled with bits of text that you have to read multiple times in order for it to make sense. To be fair, the game is still being worked on so this could be something they are aware of and is on the list to be fixed.

Look At The Abs On Her!

The art in Crossworlds is the best thing going on in the game right now. This game has these incredible character designs that are all done in a fantasy style. Sure, I could do without the slimy tentacle creatures, but the rest of the cast is amazing. There is this one Amazon warrior chick with tattoos and big muscles who can step on me any time she wants! The little bits of lewd content that I have come across so far are done in that same awesome fantasy style as well. What is here is great I just wish there were more of it as some scenes can go on for a while with no changes in the art.

Stats, But No Thank You!

As I have said numerous times already, Crossworlds is still in very early development and that is very evident in the gameplay. This is going to be a lewd adventure game with RPG elements and while there are quests to go on, characters to chat with and stats to grow, and even some basic combat, none of it feels complete just yet. You have quite a few stats that seem to grow, but I never found any reason for them to be growing. The whole mind control thing that the game sets up is not yet properly implemented, but it looks like it will be a lot of fun when it is. There is not a great deal to do in the game just yet, but I do feel like they have laid the groundwork fairly well.


It is way too early for me to give a score to Crossworlds as it is pretty much a very early access demo that we have to play right now. Still, the story seems like it could be fun, we have some amazing looking character renders and if the RPG adventure style gameplay falls into place, this could end up being something quite special. Hopefully, the development will move along quickly as people may forget about this or be put off at how unfinished the version out there right now is.


  • I like the idea of switching places with an alternate dimension version of yourself
  • The Amazon warrior babe is so hot!
  • All of the character designs have a lot of personality to them
  • The framework I feel is here so if it all comes off right, this will be a lot of fun to play


  • The version I have played is missing a ton of key content
  • The story needs some major work to help it make sense

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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