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Motortoon 2

Motortoon 2 is the latest racing game from Sony Computer Entertainment.

Grand Tour Racing '98

Racing games seem to be the current rage and everyone is looking for a way to make their game roar ahead of the pack.

Michael Andretti's World GP

Get ready to jump behind the wheel of one of the sleekest, meanest racing machines ever built—the Formula One.

Redline: F-1 Racer

Everything from treacherous right turns to gasoline is simulated as the player tries to win the Formula One championship. The player can play a single race or a season mode where the winner takes all, and the losers can wait until next year.

Newman-Haas Indy Car Racing

Get behind the wheel of a 750-horsepower, methanol-burning Indy Car in NEWMAN HAAS INDY CAR.
Sega Genesis SNES

Stunt Racer 3000

We haven't played SR 3000 yet, but its cool, futuristic retro look has our attention.
Nintendo 64

World Rally

Ready for some rough and tumble road racing? If so, put on your driving gloves for Atari's World Rally.

Daytona USA: Network Racing

It's finally gonna happen...sorta. Sega's awesome arcade racer will arrive on Dreamcast in early 2001. The good news?

Super Offroad

In the game, up to 3 players compete against each other or the computer in racing around several top-view indoor off-road truck tracks of increasing difficulty.
Sega Genesis

Type S

Could Type-S be Square's attempt at making their own Gran Turismo on the PS2?

Power Slide

As the 3DO gets more and more licensees who are bringing out games, a few games in particular stand out from the rest. Elite is working on a racing title called Power Slide.