Power Rangers: Super Legends

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Игра компании Behaviour Interactive
Платформа: PC
Рейтинг редактора: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
Рейтинг пользователя: 9.0/10 - 4 votes
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Power Rangers: Super Legends
Power Rangers: Super Legends
Power Rangers: Super Legends
Power Rangers: Super Legends

Power Rangers: Super Legends was a game that was released to celebrate 15 years of Power Rangers. It is a game that was made for Power Rangers fans of all ages as it tries to have some kind of representation from most eras. Rather than being a 3D game which you would expect in 2007, this is a 2D game which was not the norm then like it is today.

I Am The Omega Ranger

The premise of the game is actually pretty cool. Lord Zedd has not been defeated as thought and instead he has decided he is going to go through time and destroy every incarnation of the Power Rangers. The Omega Ranger from the future is going to get a series of Power Rangers from different eras to try and stop him. The idea of the story in Power Rangers: Super Legends is really neat, but it never goes all in.

This is a game that should be all about fan service and while it features over 20 Rangers, there is no back story or personality to any of them. It is just like, “well here is Red Time Force Ranger time to play as him” and that is it. I do wish the game would have been more cinematic.

Like Turtles, Like Rangers

The gameplay is that of a 2D action platformer. You are not free to move in any direction like in the Nina Turtles arcade game. Instead, you are always on a 2D plane. You have a few different moves, including a screen-clearing special move. I liked linking my attacks with the blaster to create some fun combos. The gameplay is easy to figure out, not exactly deep, but Power Rangers: Super Legends is still pretty satisfying.

You have a large selection of Rangers from different eras, but for some reason, Dino Thunder and Mystic Force are ignored completely! This is kind of lame as my son loved the Dino Thunder series so not having them in here really sucked. You can level up your attributes as you play which is fun to do. Overall, the game is not too hard and most of the fun is playing as the different Rangers. Even if they do play the same, the fact they look different is cool if you are a fan. The game is only two player and I found it clever and amusing how the Omega Ranger gives you a story reason for why this is the case.

We Need Megazord Power Now!

The biggest disappointment in the game is that there are many Zords and monsters from the show, but the battles feel like nothing more than quick time events! I really wish that they let us take direct control of the Zords as it could have been awesome. In a game that is supposed to celebrate the history of the Power Rangers, it is kind of lame how they portray the Zords and big monsters here.


I had fun when I played through Power Rangers: Super Legends with my son. I love a good 2D action platformer and this one is not bad at all. However, I do feel that they should have gone more in-depth with the Power Rangers lore. You would expect a game like this to be full to the brim of fan service, but while there is some cool stuff here. It is very shallow in this regard. The omission of two entire kinds of Rangers and the lack of any personal touches to the Rangers really brings the game down at least a point and a half for me.


  • Over 20 Power Rangers to play as
  • I liked the rocking soundtrack
  • The gameplay is pretty solid
  • Beating up enemies is very satisfying
  • It is a lot of fun to play with a friend


  • It is missing two franchises completely!
  • The game feels rather shallow

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