Pokemon Insurgence

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Игра компании TheSuzerain
Платформа: PC
Рейтинг редактора: 8/10, based on 2 reviews
Рейтинг пользователя: 7.4/10 - 10 votes
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Pokemon Insurgence
Pokemon Insurgence
Pokemon Insurgence

Pokémon fan games are coming through to the mainstream more and more, and in good standing. Pokémon Insurgence is a new addition to the roster as an outstanding game with a deep plot, set in a new and exciting region that is slowly being overthrown by dangerous cults. Will you be the hero that they need or will the cults take over completely? Only one way to test that, and that’s for you to get into it right now!


As you would expect this game takes a lot of inspiration from existing Pokémon games, everything from Pokémon Blue to other fan games like Pokémon Uranium. As such, they share a great deal of movement and battle mechanics that you see in its progenitors.

Interestingly this also brings a few new features of its own, specifically secret bases and the introduction of Delta Species Pokémon. There is also a litany of online features found throughout, remember the secret bases from a sentence ago, well you can trade and speak with online players and create a team before inviting them over to your secret base for a fun little get together.


This title seems to shy away from a lot of the “childish” themes that you could attribute to a normal Pokémon game. I’m not saying it doesn’t have them but it does swing closer to a “darker” and “Adult” theme with ideas like organised religion, cults of oppression, memory loss and death.

They have also done well to create, what seems to be, an almost entirely different system surrounding who the player is and what they are attempting to achieve. Instead of beating the big four and then the champion, the player is asked to defeat the previous heroes of the region and take their place as its defender against the cults. I won’t go any further into it to avoid spoilers but the concept is really cool.

Fan Game

They have managed to nail the art style here, it looks really great and this game, once again, shows that small development teams can do it too and then release it for free. The creativity, the characterization of the new region’s inhabitants alongside the region itself, is just brilliant. I have been really impressed by it and I’m sure you’ll love it.


This title is another brilliant example of how a small team of dedicated fans can make a game that is easily on par with its inspiration with little more than ingenuity and time. If you are after a new Pokémon adventure in the gaps between official releases, I’d highly recommend giving this one a go.


  • A darker and more adult theme.
  • Interesting new world
  • Great characterisation of the people in the world
  • Introduction of new Pokémon
  • Looks and feels like an official Pokémon game


  • A fair few bugs and glitches come up throughout but the developers are working on fixing them.
  • The plot can slip into something derivative of a normal Pokémon game every now and then.

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Системные требования:

  • PC-совместимый ПК
  • Операционные системы: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Обзоры игры

Tired of the same old Pokémon formula you’ve experienced for years? Then Pokémon insurgence might help you fall in love with the series once more. This unique fan game takes the original battling and exploring gameplay loop we’ve come to know and love and turns it upside down, throwing a ton of new mechanics into the mix.

Unlike so many fan projects that are content with delivering some minor modifications to an existing Pokémon game, Insurgence is a complete revamp that features a wholly new region and a completed – and slightly creepy – storyline. Find out if you should give this mod a chance with our review!

Cults and Monsters

A common complaint from longtime fans of the Pokémon franchise is that most of the game’s plots seem to be stuck in a perpetually childish world. A select few games – like Pokémon Black and Pokémon White – toyed with the idea of setting their stories in a darker world, something that fans appreciated dearly.

In Pokémon Insurgence, players will get to explore a bizarre world where cults and strange Pokémon are everywhere you look. The Torren Region homes an array of cults centered around legendary Pokémon: this is a fresh departure from the usual Pokémon schtick of having an enemy Team to beat – especially if they’re as lame as Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Team Yell.

Another new feature introduced by Insurgence is transformations. Using Mew’s DNA manipulating powers, players can alter their appearances to help them at different times throughout their journeys. Considering that this game is a more traditional RPG experience than most other games in the series, players can expect to find sidequests and other diversions along the main quest, which is also divided into two different routes.

New Pokémon

Unique to the Torren Region is the Delta Pokémon. These powerful variations are stronger than their standard counterparts, each featuring some clear differences in their designs and typing. With over 200 Delta variants to find in the world, there’s a lot of new faces to see in Pokémon Insurgence.

However, some Delta Pokémon can feel downright broken – particularly those whose normal counterparts were already overpowered, to begin with. For example, using a Delta Scizor feels like cheating, as it can singlehandedly beat the game’s Elite Four.

With so many Delta variants available, these Pokémon feel less like a neat little extra, and more like an outright necessity to beat the game.

More Than Just a Mod

Usually, Pokémon fangames are simply modifications of an already existing mainline game. Even though this game looks and feels quite similar to the DS line of Pokémon games, Insurgence is a wholly original game made in RPG Maker. This means that, while the game might look visually similar to the rest of the franchise, it’s in a whole other ballpark in terms of mechanics.

The impressive locations and massive regions are something that could never have been done in mainline Pokémon games. Not to spoil anything, but your journey isn’t confined exclusively to the Torren Region. There are lots of towns to see and NPCs to interact with in Pokémon Insurgence, making it one of the most technically impressive fan games we’ve ever seen.


Pokémon Insurgence is an impressive demonstration of just how good a fan game can be. While some of the new Pokémon feel overpowered, the intriguing plot and vast open-world make up for most of the game’s shortcomings.


  • Great map design
  • Intriguing and complete plot
  • Some cool character designs


  • Balancing issues
  • The plot can get a bit too edgy

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