Maeve's Academy

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a game by Hatchet Games
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Maeve's Academy
Maeve's Academy
Maeve's Academy
Maeve's Academy

Maeve's Academy is a lovely lewd visual novel choose your own adventure style of game which will eventually develop into a lewd sandbox game. This is more of a demo right now as there is not exactly a ton of content in the game as I write this. However, what is here has a ton of charm and I can see the potential shining through. It is the kind of game that is just impossible for me not to recommend. It is a game that I will be coming back to each time it gets some new content added.

A Very Special Offer

The game takes place in a world of magic. The thing is, in Maeve's Academy, magic is not seen as being cool or all that relevant anymore. As a result, the academy is not exactly flourishing with students or faculty, but we may change that! You see, in this world magic may be a thing, but men are not! Most of the women here have never even seen a man so when we show up with our “magic wand” we cause quite the stir as we try and make new friends and help the academy survive.

Just About There

As I said in the intro, Maeve's Academy is still being worked on and that is very evident with the story. We have a solid premise here, but there is not much in the way of depth just yet. It is kind of like we are playing a demo as it can feel like the story is jumping around a bit with some scenes seeming rushed and coming out of nowhere if you know what I am saying. It is not bad by any means and we do have some very charming characters, but I am very interested to see how it all ties together as the characters and story are fleshed out.

A Head Bobbing Good Time

So far, the best thing about this game is the visuals. Maeve's Academy looks fantastic, it has a hand drawn style to it that is just so appealing! The characters look great and the way that they move, not in the XXX scenes, but just in the regular scenes, gives them a ton of personality. They have this little head bobbing thing going on that is subtle, but it kind of makes everyone seem more alive. I have seen a few sex scenes in my journey so far and these have been a lot of fun. I will also say that we have a great cast of characters here ranging from those who look like witches to a sexy demon style character.

Seeing Where It Is Going

Right now, Maeve's Academy is a very basic lewd visual novel as there is not much to do. You can pick from a few dialogue options, and you can sometimes choose where you go, but that is about it as far as the gameplay goes. I can see the bones of a fun and interesting lewd sandbox game here so as the game is developed more, it looks like stat building and exploration will be fleshed out more. I just hope that they do not go too far with this and make it a grind fest. However, with the charm that the game has, it does not appear that the developers intend for this to be a chore to play through so I am hoping grinding will not be an issue.


As Maeve's Academy is a game that I feel still has a fair way to go in development, I am not going to give it a score just yet. What we have here feels more like a demo or a proof of concept type deal. However, I will say that what is here is fun and I think that if you were to try it out, you would be able to see the charm that it has and want to come back when more stuff is added. If you love lewd games that are set in a magical Harry Potter kind of world I am certain that you will have a good time with this.


  • I liked the school of magic setting the game had
  • There is a great selection of fun and sexy characters in the game
  • The story is shaping up to be a lot of fun
  • I love the whole art style the game has, it gives it a ton of personality


  • The game as of me writing this does not have a lot of content
  • I have read that some people find the little head bobbing animation a bit distracting

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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