Lost In Fantaland

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Игра компании Supernature Studio
Платформа: PC
Рейтинг редактора: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
Рейтинг пользователя: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Lost In Fantaland
Lost In Fantaland
Lost In Fantaland
Lost In Fantaland

A game that surprisingly has nothing to do with carbonated drinks, Lost in Fantaland brings back all the best parts of retro turn-based RPGs, applied to a tactical and highly engaging tabletop game. Just for good measure, the game also has a rich deckbuilding component.

It might sound like every RPG enthusiast's dream game – and that's mostly because, for the most part, it is. Lost in Fantaland's rich gameplay and varied strategic opportunities turn the game into a tactical masterpiece, at the cost of being rather inaccessible for new players looking to get into one of its many genres.

Classes and Abilities

Much like Final Fantasy Tactics, Lost in Fantaland's overall gameplay takes place on an isometric board. However, that's more or less where the similarities end, as this game places much more importance on its deep deck-building mechanics.

At the beginning of the game, players chose a character from any of the game's three classes: Warrior, Mage, or Trickster. Each class has a unique set of skills that makes them more capable in certain situations, but I found that the warrior's all-around survivability makes him the best class in most cases.

The character's class also determines which cards they can use. Even though the decks are randomly generated, there's always a common archetype for each class at the beginning of every run.

Randomized Adventures

Each run is divided into randomized events that the player can follow on the world map. These events are procedurally generated in each new adventure, meaning that the player will have to think fast and adapt to every situation on the fly.

There's a lot of variety between different adventures, but if you're unlucky enough for your run to be full of combat encounters (which isn't very unlikely), the lack of any real strategy in the early turns almost completely negates most of the game's strategies. It's a small cost to pay for the procedural generation, but it's something that many games in this genre seem to overlook.

Secrets and loot are also randomly generated. In the spirit of true roguelike games, each adventure is like throwing the dice: you might find powerful equipment, valuable loot, or you might come up with nothing at all.

Retro Style

Inspired by such classics as the Final Fantasy series and Ogre Battle, Lost in Fantaland sports a distinct 2D sprite art style that immediately brings back memories of simpler days.

However, and as much of a fan of retro games as I am, I can't help but feel like the UI in some areas of the game lacks a bit of polish. Some menus look like they're still in the beta stage, hurting the overall presentation of the game. There are also some minor issues with the game's English translation, but most of the cards are properly explained.

Other than that, the sprite art looks gorgeous. From the varied locations to the character models, the game's world feels alive, thanks to its cartoony design. Fans of the retro feel of old-school RPGs would do well not to miss out on this title!


Lost in Fantaland is a classic example of what roguelikes should aspire to become: a game that does well at balancing both tactical elements and randomness.


  • Great pixel art
  • Tons of cards and loot to discover
  • Difficulty feels challenging but fair


  • The UI could use some polish
  • Randomization can negatively impact some parts of the game

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  • Операционные системы: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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