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Игра компании Tobi Fox
Жанр: Action
Платформа: PC
Рейтинг редактора: 8/10, based on 1 review
Рейтинг пользователя: 9.8/10 - 10 votes
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Deltarune is a game that many people had their eyes on and for good reason too! This is actually a spin-off from the awesome Undertale which for many is one of the best games of the last decade.

Wait So It Is Not A Spin-Off?

Ok, so I know that I just said that Deltarune was, in fact, a spin-off from Undertale and even the guy that made it says this is so……. But it is not set in the same world as Undertale and it really does not have much at all to do with it. However, I will say that anyone who has played Undertale will within five minutes of playing Deltarune know that it was put together by the same person.

Falling Into Dark

One of the ways that you can tell Deltarune is from the same person as Undertale is the story. The story is super engrossing and the main reason for that is the writing is just fantastic. The main character is Kris and that is who you will be playing as. The world that Kris lives in kind of sucks as there are monsters just roaming around. One day he and another student somehow end up in a place that is known as The Dark World. It is here that they learn about their destiny and that they can save the world from monsters. I really do like Kris and actually, while Susie can be annoying, she is also a great character and the two of them have a ton of personality. The story is great and it is being released episodically so I do not want to ruin it for you guys.

Friendly Combat

The combat is very similar to what Undertale offered in that you can spare the creatures that you are in a battle with. This is a turn based RPG and the battles are an absolute blast to play. You really do want to save the creatures that you are fighting, but at first, Susie does not agree with this. So you have to actually change the way you go about battles to make sure she does not just kill everything! While you can do some pretty basic attacks, Deltarune also allows you to use spells. Spells are used by using what the game calls Tension Points. Some of the spells are a lot of fun and you have more chance of defeating a monster without killing it when you use a spell.

What Happens Next?

As Deltarune is being released in chapters as I write this only the first chapter of Deltarune has been released. I really did enjoy the dark story that the game told and the three main characters (I am not spoiling the character Kris and Susie meet!) are written very well. It does end on a pretty big cliffhanger and I am still waiting for chapter 2 to show up, but it looks like it is not happening any time soon!

Deltarune is a great game it really is. It is a fantastic RPG and one that I can see myself playing through many times. It features characters that you care about, a very interesting combat system and the story always keeps you wanting to no more. So much so that I really wish that chapter 2 would get here already! I cannot recommend Deltarune highly enough it really is a blast to play through.



  • The characters are very likable and well written
  • Combat is very interesting
  • If you like Undertale you will like this
  • You are still unsure of Kris at the end of the game
  • It is very addictive and you will play through it more than once


  • Still no chapter 2 in sight
  • If you did not like Undertale (what is wrong with you?) I cannot see you liking this

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