WWE 2k19

Download WWE 2k19 and step into the ring with your favorite wrestling superstars! Create epic rivalries, master your moves, and fight your way to the top. Feel the excitement of WWE and play now!
a game by Visual Concepts Yukes Co LTD
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
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WWE 2k19
WWE 2k19
WWE 2k19
WWE 2k19

Some people underestimate how varied the fighting game genre is, but the truth is that it can actually have simulation, arcade, competitive, and more. And even though it's one of the most intense competitive game genre's out there, it's crazy to see how fun it can get and pretty chill too. In this case, the most spectacular wrestling returns to our consoles with its most polished and fun installment to date that is still weighed down by some recurring errors in the saga. We are talking about WWE 2K19, so let's talk about this latest entry in the WWE gaming franchise.

About the game

Since 2013, 2K decided to take the reins of the WWE license that, until then, came to us annually from the now defunct THQ. Little by little, the creators of NBA 2K together with Yuke's and Visual Concepts have been polishing and remodeling the formula of the titles based on the license of the most important wrestling company in the world. 2K has refined the formula of this WWE 2K19 without introducing, in general terms, too aggressive changes but polishing details that were somewhat behind in the design of the game's fights and adding some new touches that give the confrontations between the superstars a more dynamic and spectacular touch for the player.

The in-game mechanics are really close to the ones present in the last installment we got from the franchise, but many bugs and errors have been fixed. We also got a great improvement in the framerate and also the animations of the characters. Not only are the characters more realistically animated, but also even secondary animation elements like clothing and hair have improved a lot.

During the fights, we also discover a new factor, called Revenge. These are special abilities that are charged as the player takes damage and that allows us to gain an extra finisher.

A solid career mode

We have to mention that the My Career mode in this opportunity goes for much more concrete and solid storytelling. It takes us through a journey that will have some ups and downs but that will offer us very spectacular moments, and very funny fights and that will make us enjoy our own history within the WWE. Even though sometimes it can be a bit unclear as for the objectives in some fights.

The new progression tree in the My Carer mode is also a great improvement for the game. It makes the upgrades solid, in a similar way to an RPG game or Skyrim. Of course. It will be a much shorter story than your average RPG, going for a playtime of about 8 hours. But don't worry, even after you finish the 14 chapters available you can still continue to play the career mode. The objectives would generate randomly and in a pretty infinite way. So you're going to have a lot of time to keep enjoying your new WWE superstar.

Of course, earlier we compared this mode a little to something like an RPG or Skyrim, but the more direct comparison would be something like the career modes in EA Sports UFC.


WWE 2K19 is the best wrestling game that 2K has published until its release, with great successes in the changes in My Player and the return of the Showcase. Unfortunately, it still drags some bugs already common to the saga that must be remedied. There are still some common failures of the series, such as somewhat strange physics or errors when setting the objective. On a playable level, this is the most polished and attractive game since 2K took over the license.


  • Solid Gameplay
  • Good improvements in My Career mode
  • Finally the Showcase mode makes a comeback
  • Good upgrades from previous versions


  • Some input lag when online
  • Some annoying bugs are still present

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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