Wolf Girl With You

Игра компании Seismic Software
Платформа: PC
Рейтинг редактора: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Wolf Girl With You
Wolf Girl With You
Wolf Girl With You
Wolf Girl With You

As far as erotic and sexual games go, Wolf Girl With You is actually one of the better-made ones out there. Sure, it has a lot of sex in it, but the animation and the overall art quality of the game are actually very impressive.

She Is A Lupin

The story of the game is rather barebones, but it is more about the relationship between your Wolf Girl and you. You see one night you find a Liru who turns out to be your loyal companion and who waits for you to return home every single day. Basically, she will ask you if you want to eat, take a bath or just flat out do her! That is three options I am sure we would all like to come home to every day!

Ok, so we all know right off the bat that Liru is hot. However, they have done a really great job in actually making her likable as well. She has a ton of energy is always happy and she is always super stoked to see you. While the voices are in Japanese, I really like the voice acting here as Liru even sounds adorable! While the voice acting is all in Japanese, there is English text so you are getting the best of both worlds here.

Pick What You Want

When you return home (from where I am not sure) and you are greeted by Liru who gives you some options of what you can do with her. This is where the actual gameplay happens. Wolf Girl With You is one of the more interactive games in this style I have played. Once you pick what you want to do. Let’s say you pick to take a bath, for example, you then get some more options of the sex act, how you want to do it, where you finish and so on.

The fact that these scenes are animated does make them more interesting and they are actually animated pretty darn well. Each scenario has plenty of choice for you and there is more than enough different scenarios here to keep you interested for quite a while until you have seen it all.

When you are “getting down” you can say different things and there are different text paths so that again adds to the variety of the game. One thing that you say might make Liru be a little bit extra naughty in what she says to you if you get what I mean.

While it is so easy to write a game like Wolf Girl With You off as nothing but sex. The fact is this is actually a really well-made game. Not only is it very explicit in the sex that you are being part of. Liru is an awesome character and the way you can change things up keeps it from getting boring quickly. If you are a fan of erotic games then I am sure this is one you will have a great deal of fun with.



  • Liru is super adorable and naughty
  • The animations are very impressive
  • You have plenty of choices in what you can do
  • Different text paths to experience
  • More interactive than you may think


  • It is very explicit
  • It would have been interesting to hear English voice acting

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