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a game by Namco Ltd.
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 28 votes
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Tekken is one of the most popular and celebrated fighting game series of all time, and this is the one that started it all. Originally released in the arcades in 1994, Tekken saw its first home-console release on the PlayStation in 1995. Tekken is known for further popularizing the 3D-fighting format, which offers a much different experience than the classic 2D fighting seen in games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. The PlayStation version of Tekken not only accurately recreates the addictive competitive nature of the original arcade version, but it also adds in some fun new features and unlockables. Thanks to a great roster of awesome fighters and a unique fighting system, Tekken goes down as one of the most influential fighting games ever released.

Main Game Features

  • Over 15 unique fighters
  • Arcade and two-player multiplayer
  • Unlockable content and high replayability


The overarching narrative in Tekken is a loose one, mostly focusing on one key fighter, Kazuya. After a childhood of familial abuse at the hands of his crazy father Heihachi, Kazuya travels the world in an effort to become a master martial artist. Decades later, Heihachi announces the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, an intense fighting competition that only the fiercest warriors can hope to win. Along with a handful of other competitors like the mysterious Yoshimitsu, the tall-haired Paul, and a tiger-headed wrestler named King. Despite Kazuya's deep-seated motivations to obtain victory in the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, these other fighters will prove to be tough competition, as they too have stories of their own.


The PlayStation port of Tekken contains everything from the original Arcade release, as well as a handful of extra unlockable characters and outfits. There are two main modes, Arcade and Two-Player, both offering extremely fun fighting action. In Arcade mode, you'll select from one of the eight available fighters and compete in a series of seven fights against other tournament opponents. At the end of the tournament, you'll face off against Heihachi in a one-on-one battle for supremacy. Each character has a corresponding cutscene if you win the tournament, providing closure on their individual character arcs. If you perform well in Arcade mode, you can unlock eight additional characters, with an ultra-secret ninth character available through other means.

Two-Player mode is very basic in terms of options, but allows you to fight your friends in some fun locations around the world. You can put up your dukes in places like King George Island, Chicago, Kyoto, and Fiji. Generally speaking, the combat system in Tekken allows for some creative combos and fighting strategies, thanks to its limb-based attack layout. Simply put, instead of pressing dedicated attack buttons, you'll use the stick and buttons in combination to discover new moves. This rewards players who put in enough practice to become proficient with each character, leading to some exciting matches. Thanks to the numerous unlockable characters, the two-player versus mode in the PlayStation version of Tekken is arguably better than the arcade original.


If you're a fan of fighting games or classic arcade experiences, you should definitely give Tekken a whirl. This game had a huge impact on the fighting game genre as it matured in the late-90s and 2000s, but remains remarkably fun even by modern standards. It's great for both solo and multiplayer gaming sessions, thanks to the extra unlockables and addictive fighting system. Although some of the later entries in the franchise might have more characters and modes, there's no denying the charm that the original Tekken has.


  • Classic 3D fighting gameplay
  • Memorable character roster
  • Quality arcade port


  • Jagged and sharp visuals
  • Lacks game mode variety

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Namco's arcade smash Tekken will be the best fighting game available for any of the new systems, according to early looks at the game. Tekken was the first coin-op to use the PlayStation's graphics-driver board, and the home-system version will boast outstanding 3D texture-mapped, polygon-based graphics that will startle you. Look for the game to have full 360-degree rotation, instant replays, and super-smooth character movement played out over gorgeous backgrounds depicting such unusual international locales as the Acropolis in Greece and Angkor Wat.

Eight warriors - Kazuya, Paul, Law, Nina, Jack, King, Yoshi-mitsu, and Michelle - will do battle in standard Arcade mode or Two-Player mode. In Arcade mode, each warrior must defeat their evil counterpart before faring the end boss, Heihachi. One of Tekken's strongest points is that ultimately you can have 18 selectable fighters to choose from, including the end boss and the hidden super boss, Super Kazuya.

Each character will bring a set of special moves and combos to the battleground, including a super move that takes a few seconds to execute, but will be unblockable and severely damaging when it connects. In all, expect well-rounded, balanced gameplay.

If fighting games are an important component in your video game library, look closely at Tekken before you choose a next-generation system.

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