Star Gladiator

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Игра компании Capcom
Жанр: Fighting Games
Платформа: Playstation
Рейтинг редактора: 8.1/10, based on 4 reviews
Рейтинг пользователя: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Star Gladiator
Star Gladiator
Star Gladiator
Star Gladiator

Even with the continued popularity of the Street Fighter series, Capcom refuses to be content with just two-dimensional fighters in their corner. Besides lending a valued hand in the development of Toshinden 2, little progress has come from this industry giant in the realm of 3-D fighting. This attempt to create a marketable product brought gamers what they demanded from a 3-D arena-style title bearing testimony to the capability of the company. This new title is called Star Gladiator.

Star Gladiator is a plat-formed arena-based fighting title similar to its half parent Toshinden 2. These stages are each unique to a certain character as in other titles and change as the player advances. They all seem to have a dominant "tech" feel to them, no matter what the theme is.

Graphically the title is the cleanest seen in a long time. The stages and the characters are all brightly colored and use little darkness in the backgrounds to mask graphical flaws as many titles do. This gives the title a strong basis from which the rest of the game is built on.

With characters original to this title alone, Star Gladiator gives players the chance to try their hand at any of the races involved in this futuristic combat situation. There are some similarities between a few of the characters in current titles, but as a whole, they are all unique and can be adapted to a wide range of playing styles.

The action is based on the hovering arena where the non-cautious fighter can take an accidental plunge and forfeit the round. Character controls in this arena allow rolls and shuffles to the left or right as well as forward and backward movement. All the characters' attacks are similar to the standard set by Street Fighter, making adaptation for players who are used to SF extremely quick.

Character moves are based around the range of some type of hand-held weapon the character wields. These, along with the occasional punch and kick, keep opponents at bay long enough to build up a combo. If an enemy does move in too close, there are grappling moves to make that enemy change his/her mind and back off. Some of the characters have potent long-range attacks that can be used for the same effect as Ryu's and Ken's fireballs. Each of the characters can be chosen to fit a player's individual tastes depending if a player likes to be up-close and personal or keep the range advantage.

Useable game features in Star Gladiator consist of an Arcade Mode and a Two-player Mode, as well as variable difficulty settings for the beginning or highly-advanced player. There is also a Practice Mode that can help anyone become a fierce fighter if they put in the time to develop their skills.

Players used to the Capcom tradition for fine fighting titles need to move on to Star Gladiators. Its imaginative gameplay will be welcomed by all combat lovers whether they are accustomed to the 3-D world or not.

  • DIFFICULTY - Moderate
  • THEME - Fighting
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

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  • PC-совместимый ПК
  • Операционные системы: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Обзоры игры

Capcom has always kept their noses out of the world of 3-D fighting games. With Star Gladiator, the third dimension will no longer be off limits. This game is a direct conversion of the arcade. The player can choose from 10 fighters, each having his/her own weapons. Star Gladiator uses dozens of special effects including transparencies, motion blurs and lighting and reflection effects. The graphics are 3-D polygon and the animation of the graphics is supposed to be top-notch. The game is also supported by a story line set in the future where only a few gladiators are left worthy enough to fight to determine the fate of the Earth. Look for major damage in this one, the effects make it great.

Star Gladiator mixes elements of other 3D fighting games like Toshinden and Soul Edge with original concepts from Capcom's endless Street Fighter resources. Its visual appeal and outstanding control will put other 3D games on their backs. Now we're wondering: Can Street Fighter 3D be far behind?

This futuristic weapon-based fighting game features weird, mutant characters with a vast array of attack moves and counters, many of which are reminiscent of Street Fighter 2 and its sequels. In all, you can choose from nine dynamic characters (and three secret characters that appear randomly). Beat your opponents into submission with cool-looking super moves and devastating Plasma Combos, then slash, kick, and strike down the galaxy's fiercest fencers on your way to Bilstein, the evil genius who originally created the plasma weapons for world domination.

Those of you who've waited for true 3D combat will be content with the home translation of Capcom's arcade hit, Star Gladiator. For your patience, you'll be rewarded with a great fighting game.


  • Make June's attacking hand the size of an anvil! Come in close to an opponent, simultaneously press LP and RP, and before she performs her throw, press Guard and Kick.
  • As the sword-wielding Gerelt, tap LP, LP, HP, LP, LP and continue tapping LP. The multihit combo leads Into the Lightning Scarlet for even more damage!
  • Use the Training mode extensively to practice the timing of explosive Plasma Combos--they're the key to success against good Star Gladiator players.
  • Practice dodging and countering attacks. You'll live longer in tough battles.


Unique character designs and sharp background graphics set this game apart from most 3D fighting games. Freeze-frame finishing moves keep you coming back for more.


Bone-crunching axes and air-slicing swords sound nice and crisp. Although some characters' ground attacks sound more like duds than thuds, the sound of special attacks will be music to your ears.


Special moves and counters require some practice, but the controls in general are quite responsive, especially blocking. If you go for the big blow and miss, blocking will become your natural ally.

Fun Factor

The one-player Arcade mode isn't challenging at the default settings, so try playing it a few notches up. The real thrill, however, is pulverizing your friends, especially with multihit combos.

People say:


I've always liked 3-D fighters-that Is, when they're done well. Star Gladiator Is Incredible. It's quite a switch from other Capcom games, but for being their first 3-D fighter, they've made a definite contender in the 3-D circuit. The characters have great moves, each having a completely different style (In look and fighting technique) from the others. Die weapons they use are brutal. The major flaw Is that the game Is too easy. Walking through It In 40 minutes (and I'm far from being a master of any fighting game) makes me curious as to why there weren't more characters or more to the game. It's easy and fun to get Into.


Capcom's first 3-D fighter kicks. I like good fighters, but prefer the flashier ones (meaning games with fancy combos, fireballs, etc.--like Toshlnden). Star Gladiator satisfies those needs and plays well at the same time. The characters are so large and well animated that thought I was playing the arcade version don't like guard buttons, however. I'm to used to pushing back to block. I also don't like the combo system. (It's just like MK3's cheap tap-tap-tap system.) I found myself just hitting the same buttons over and over, without needing to use any real technique. This Is a solid title that any fighting-game fan should play.


SG is the 3-D fighting game i like to play when I'm not playing Tekken 2. It's an easy game to get into, since It mixes the basic fighting techniques of Street Fighter II and Battle Arena Toshinden. The combo system Is especially simple (and easy to figure out-thanks to the "Raining Mode), Combos are made up of loosely timed button presses and don't Involve any fussing with the Joystick, But while pulling off a seven- or eight-hit combo In SG isn't hard, It's not as satisfying as scoring a big-time combo In Tekken 2, whose linked hits require more precise liming. SG's graphic are amazing-even better than Tekken 2'sl


After hiding behind the scenes of Toshlnden 2, Capcom feels It has the ability to tack a 3-D fighter with their latest title Star Gladiator, Tiller daring pushed Star Gladiator to a level equal to those titles such as Tekken and Toshlnden, with little difficulty. The graphics are outstanding as are the diverse combatants. This title Is also spiced up tremendously by the incorporation of a move tree that allows the players to practice and experiment with new combos. A great trait for any fighting game. For a quietly announced title, this one looks and plays great. Are we looking at a preliminary engine Street Fighter 3-D?

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