Sewell Plaza

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a game by Lovebound Game Studio
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Sewell Plaza
Sewell Plaza
Sewell Plaza
Sewell Plaza

Even though Sewell Plaza is still a lewd game that is in rather early access, I had some fun with the build of the game that I played recently. I ended up playing all that there was to offer in the current state and as I enjoyed my time with the game, I wanted to share my thoughts on it. What I think is neat about this game is that this is a lewd sandbox game and one that has a sci-fi kind of vibe to the story which is something I really did enjoy.

The Not So Distant Future

As of me writing this, Sewell Plaza still has a bit of a way to go as far as the story goes. The basics are that there was some kind of catastrophic event that went down and to survive. Mankind has moved into these large buildings where they live with AI. It is about humans and AI living together and the sexy stuff that they get up. I think that the premise here has a ton of potential, but this game has a bit of a twist that really got its hooks into me.

A Real Private Dick!

The main character that we play as in Sewell Plaza lives in this building with his mom and cute sisters. It seems like it is going to be your standard, stuck in one place with a bunch of hot women kind of vibe. However, this game has a bit more depth than that in that our MC also has dreams of being a detective and as he starts digging around the plaza that he calls home, he notices that things here are not exactly what they seem! It creates a very intriguing mystery that I was very interested in learning about.

I Love My MTV

I think that I am the person who is responsible for using the term MTV art for lewd games more than anyone else. The reason I use that term is that games like Sewell Plaza have a look of an adult animated style show that would have aired on MTV in the 2000s. I love the whole style of this game, it is bright, very Western in its design and it has a lot of variety when it comes to the ladies too which is always something that games like this need. The lewd content here was a lot of fun too and I think that as the game moves along more, it will add more and more great XXX scenes.

Giving And Receiving!

The sandbox style gameplay that Sewell Plaza has going on is something that I did enjoy and feel like they are very much on the right track. Basically, what we have here are a series of basic quests. You will chat with one of the very lovely looking sisters, they give you something to do, you do it and then you get a XXX reward. A prime example is that you help one of your sisters take care of cooking dinner and then she gets on her knees and blows you for a reward. That is pretty much how every quest in the game works and I like the straightforward nature of the gameplay as it always keeps you moving forward.


While there is not a ton of content in the current build that I have played, Sewell Plaza is still something that I have enjoyed a great deal. I think that they are really onto something here with the sci-fi story of being stuck in this mysterious plaza thing and I am very interested to see where it goes. Of course, I am even more interested to see what other awesome XXX stuff they have in store as far as the lewd content that is going to be added to the game.


  • I got a kick out of the sci-fi story
  • For an incest story, it managed to get its hook into me very well
  • It has some great XXX content
  • The gameplay loop is very easy to figure out


  • As of me writing this, the game still has a long way to go in development
  • It does have incest which usually turns me off

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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