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Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top

Try various different racing styles and techniques, starting with go-karts, winning your way thru different levels, and using different vehicles for the various stages.

Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge

Ever wanted to drive one of those superfast racing bikes? Here's your chance, with this excellent polygonal motoracer from the creators of the F1 World Championship series.

Impact Racing

Is this what the future of racing will come to? Maybe not but this is sure a cool idea for a racing game.

Club Drive

This is not your ordinary racing game. There are several games involved in it.

Indy Racing 2000

Don't set the pace. Demolish it! Get behind the wheel and take control of the speed, power and tradition of "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing" with Indy Racing 2000. With authentic Indy arcade action and additional fantasy courses, Indy Racing 2000..
Nintendo 64

Runabout 2

Developer Climax has recently announced their follow-up to Runabout, their quirky arcade racer which emphasized chaos over finesse.

Redline Racing

As expected of the Atari Jaguar's capabilities, Redline Racing shows off its high-speed polygon graphics.

Final Lap Twin

Rev your engines and get the pedal to the metal! Final Lap Twin is real racing action, with real tournament play in both Formula One and standard scenarios.

Suzuka 8 Hours

Suzuka 8 Hours is an arcade game released by Namco in 1992 . It is similar in play to Final Lap, but with motorcycles instead of race cars.


Bizarre Creations' Metropolis Street Racer, which Sega will publish this fall, has built a lot of buzz among racing-game fanatics--even more than Sega GT.

WDW: Magical Racing Quest

That's Walt Disney World in case you couldn't figure it out.

Motocross Championship 32X

Feel the horsepower as you rocket out of the gate and battle through the first turn! Charge down the back stretch, through the whoops and launch over the triples to the checkered flag! Do you have the guts and skills to win on the Motocross Champio..
Sega Genesis

Corvette ZR-1 Challenge

You customize your car and then race head-to-head cross-country in search of glory.

San Francisco Rush

Put the pedal to the metal, smoke the tires, and pour on the speed with San Francisco Rush! Hit the road in one of eight unique race cars ranked in four distinct performance classes. Burn rubber through the 3D modeled hills and landmarks of San Fra..
Nintendo 64

F1 Grand Prix - Nakajima Satoru

F-1 Grand Prix is a Formula One Racing game, developed and published by Varie, which was released in Japan in 1991.
Sega Genesis

Full Throttle All-American Racing

Racing game through racing on motorcycles or water skis or on both.