My Best Friend's Family

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Игра компании Iceridlah Games
Платформа: PC
Рейтинг редактора: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
Рейтинг пользователя: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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My Best Friend's Family
My Best Friend's Family
My Best Friend's Family
My Best Friend's Family

My Best Friend's Family is a rather complex and ambitious lewd visual novel that has a lot of replay value. I was quite impressed with the scope and scale of this game and even ended up going back for a second playthrough which is not something I typically do these days. It may not be the best looking XXX game that I have ever played. However, this one really got me with the story and the different MCs that it offered. If you want a lewd visual novel that is more than just endless banging, keep on reading to see why this one is worth your time.

Next Door To The Petersson’s

The story of the game is about a guy who a few years back moved into a new neighborhood. Now as the title, My Best Friend's Family suggests, he soon makes friends with the neighbors and becomes best friends with one of them. So much so that they see him as part of their own family. Things start to get a bit heated in more ways than one and without giving away any spoilers, you may be surprised at just where this story goes.

How Many Characters Is Too Many?

One of the things that surprised and impressed me when I was playing My Best Friend's Family was just how much stuff there was going on with the story. I would say that there is not just a singular MC in this game and that most of the characters feel like they are important. As you move the story along, you get to know and understand these characters better and, in all honesty, it may seem a bit hard to keep track of at first, but if you get invested, you will want to know as much about these people as you can.

Staying On The Beaten Path

As My Best Friend's Family is a lewd visual novel, the gameplay comes from making choices as you progress through the story. This is a game that has many paths, so many that when I did my second play through, I actually did not see many of the same scenes that I did the first time around. It can be a bit confusing to know what to say or do in order to stay on a certain path, but like I said, this is a game that is all about having multiple playthroughs. I have read that some people think the game is a bit buggy and you can get locked or stuck if you make certain decisions, but I never had that happen to me.

A Real Slice Of Life

The presentation of My Best Friend's Family has a realistic look about it and that is something I am more than ok with. The characters all look good and do not look over exaggerated (although big boobs and tight bodies are still all around) like they often do in these types of games. The sex scenes in the game are very well done and they are animated. I think that the ratio of how often it gives you a lewd scene is pretty fair too as you never feel like you have been left waiting too long for the next one.


I truly did enjoy my time with My Best Friend's Family. I think giving the player control over so many characters so you can see the story unfold from all sides was a very interesting thing to do. It made for a story that kept you interested, but also a story that really forced you to pay attention to what was going on and who was who. Some people have said it is a bit buggy, but I guess I got lucky as I had no issues. If you enjoy complex lewd visual novels, this is one that I think you will have a great time with.


  • I liked how character driven the story was
  • It tells a good slice of life style of story
  • You get to control pretty much all of the characters
  • There are many different directions that the story can go


  • Some people have reported that the game is a bit buggy
  • This is not the game for you if you do not want to pay attention to the story

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