Mother of All Secrets

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Игра компании Sever
Платформа: PC
Рейтинг редактора: 8/10, based on 1 review
Рейтинг пользователя: 10.0/10 - 3 votes
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Mother of All Secrets
Mother of All Secrets
Mother of All Secrets
Mother of All Secrets

I am pretty excited to talk to you guys about Mother of All Secrets which is an upcoming (well upcoming as I write this) mystery RPG/adventure game that has really piqued my interest since I saw the initial trailer. I love games that have a good mystery and a deep story to them and that is exactly what we have on offer here. With a really interesting kind of gameplay and a story that can go in many directions, I have a feeling that this will be a game that many of us want to play through time and time again!

You Have Fourteen Days!

The whole premise of Mother of All Secrets is something that I am very interested in and it has a kind of gothic horror vibe about it. You take a new job as a ward at this strange orphanage that is in a big and creepy old house. The masters of the house are very strange and there is certainly something odd going on. A special “guest” is going to arrive and you basically have fourteen days to figure out what is going on and decide what kind of actions you are going to take. It is very cryptic and the kind of thing that for some players will want to make them keep on playing to see what happens next.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The story of the game can take many twists and turns, Mother of All Secrets has an interesting system where things move along in hours. Each hour that passes allows you to decide what goals you white to try and accomplish, where you want to explore, who you want to talk to, and ultimately what you want to do. It is very interesting and really does make you feel like you have a lot of control in regard to the way the narrative is unfolding.

If It Is In The Cards

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Mother of All Secrets is the card system. You have a series of cards and it is through these cards that most of your actions happen. The cards will be what give your characters their skills, stats, actions and also determine your relationships with other players. Knowing when, where, and why to play the cards adds a fair bit of strategy to the game. However, it also gives you more control over the way the narrative is going to go. Other characters also have their own sets of cards that they can use on you and you can twist this to your advantage by shuffling their deck!

Crimson Peak

I am a huge fan of the whole art style that they have gone for here with Mother of All Secret. The whole gothic horror nature of it all is something that I get a huge kick out of and it reminds me of the horror movie, Crimson Peak. This house is a very strange and creepy place and the artwork to bring it all to life is fantastic. The hand-drawn nature of the visuals gives the game a ton of personality and you will probably find yourself exploring each room slowly so you can take it all in.


For fans of gothic horror style games and games where you get to have a real say in the way things unfold, Mother of All Secret is something that you have to have a look at. I am very intrigued by the whole story of this house and the special “guest” that is coming to visit. There is something really cool and interesting about this game and while the story is what has pulled me in, the whole card-based gameplay thing is another aspect of what makes this such an interesting game.


  • I love the setting of the game
  • If you enjoy gothic style horror, you will get a kick out of this
  • The presentation of the game is great!
  • I am very into the card-based gameplay here


  • If gothic horror is not your thing, you may not get pulled into this world
  • How random will the card-based gameplay be?

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