Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

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Игра компании Capcom
Платформа: Nintendo Switch
Рейтинг редактора: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
Рейтинг пользователя: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is something of a return to form for the series. Based on a 3DS game that was released several years ago, this is like a greatest hits kind of experience for the franchise that is more aimed at those who were into the series before it simplified things with the last title. If you like the older games from this series, you will love this. If you just jumped in on the last game, but want to see how this series used to be, well, this is the very best way that you can do that.

Monster Slayer!

As was the case with all of the original Monster Hunter games, story is not something that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is greatly concerned about. It starts you off in the village of Bherna where you chat with an elder and then you head out on your quest to kill as many monsters as you can. The gameplay loop here is the same as it has always been. You track down monsters, kill them, get their remains and use to for making better gear for yourself so you can then fight better and more powerful monsters. As far as the old Monster Hunter formula goes, before it changed with Monster Hunter World. I would argue that this is the best it has ever been.

What Makes This Ultimate?

What we have here with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a game that was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS all the way back in 2015! Thankfully, Capcom has added a ton of stuff into the game and that makes it well worthy of the “Ultimate” in its title. To start with, let's talk about monsters, the monster count here is a very impressive 93 monsters as well as more end game content for experienced monster hunters to sink their teeth into! Valor and Alchemy are two new hunter styles that have been added to the game. There is even a new Palcio class, Beast. There is a new game mechanic too called Style Power-Up and this gives you a chargeable mode that can be added to a Hunter Art, speaking of which there is a new one for each weapon class! There is more than enough for those that spent hours with the 3DS version to make it worthwhile jumping back in. Which, by the way, is easier to do as you can transfer your save. The amount of new content and the improved control scheme really is very impressive here.

A Next Generation Spit Shine!

As Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate was originally a Nintendo 3DS game, you may be wondering how it fairs on the Nintendo Switch in terms of the presentation. At the end of the day, this is not a remake, it is more of a remaster and this is evident in the games areas which can look a bit sparse and also a bit lacking in detail. The character and monster designs though have benefited greatly with a bump in resolution and some enhanced lighting effects too. To be fair, this was already a solid looking game on the 3DS and this version improves on it as best they could without fully remaking all of the assets.


I will admit that the benefit of life changes and the more streamlined kind of gameplay that Monster Hunter World offered was something I missed at first. However, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate eventually captivated me and made me realize why I spent so much time with the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. I have been playing this series since the original game on the PlayStation 2 and for me, this is the best of the best when it comes to the older gameplay style of Monster Hunter!


  • The new classes, weapons, and more are a lot of fun to use
  • There is a ton of new content here
  • It is stacked with monster designs and they are awesome
  • It is the best way to play a classic Monster Hunter game


  • It may be hard to get into for those that got into the series with Monster Hunter World
  • As is the case with most of these games, there is not much of a story

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Nintendo Switch

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