Kingdom Under Fire 2

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Игра компании Blueside
Платформа: PC
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Kingdom Under Fire 2
Kingdom Under Fire 2
Kingdom Under Fire 2
Kingdom Under Fire 2

The first game Kingdom Under Fire actually came out back in 2001, and it was just a real-time strategy game. After that, the series only grew and grew to be a four-game series, as the games came out they found more balance in the RTS and the hack'n' slash genre. But the fourth title, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom really did doom the series, after cutting all the elements of RTS and going full hack’n’slash. The fourth entry damaged the series so much that even though it came out in 2007, we didn’t get to see more of the series up until now. So, is Kingdom Under Fire 2, the second numbered entry to the series, do enough to bring back the franchise? Well let’s see

Starting your MMO adventure

Kingdom Under Fire 2 has started off by introducing us to the MMORPG bases, as this time they went for much more than a hack’n’slash game. As any MMORPG this game features different classes you can choose from. There is a basic presentation of the five different classes you can choose from and see what fits you the best. Depending on which you chose your game experience will change, so choose wisely.


After choosing our character type, you get to customize it. While the customization is not as extensive and complete as it is in other MMO like Black Desert Online, it's still nice. But in these games customization goes is not just about the looks, you'll have to get the best weapons and armors to be the strongest around. By completing quests and defeating different enemies you can get equipment pieces. Or you could also purchase equipment.

A lot of genres combined

Soon after we customize our character we are introduced to actual gameplay, and it starts off with fortress defense gameplay. This is yet another genre in the game, but don’t worry, you get to play full action hack’n’slash here too. However, it does get to feel like a musou too, since you get to battle against a huge number of enemies at the same time, and you can actually defeat them quite easily.

Open world?

After this introduction, we are released in the world of Bersia, where we can explore a big mythical world. But as soon as you finish the tutorials, you already have a series of quests and tasks to complete. And as you explore, you interact with NPCs that will hand you more quests and tasks. There are missions in the game that will also allow us to control real-time strategy armies into battle. Thanks to this the missions are pretty varied, and it makes the game feel much bigger.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a big game, with tons of different mechanics involved. This is great, but it also presents a lot of room for issues, and of course, there are plenty. There are some optimization issues, even though the game has been in development for many years. But the technical issues can be overlooked thanks to all the mechanics and interesting stuff they managed to pack into one single game.


It's great to see they finally got around to launching this second numbered title, and it will probably be just what the series needed to see more games with this name in the market. The visuals are great, seven though the animations aren't. The gameplay is fun and there's something for everybody. So you can have a bunch of hours of fun here.


  • A lot of genres
  • Fun to play
  • Nice Visuals
  • Cool designs
  • Interesting world-building
  • Cool mechanics


  • Animations are not on the same level as the visuals
  • Technical issues
  • Story could be much more developed

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  • Операционные системы: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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