James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

Download James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing and step into the shoes of the world's most famous spy. Engage in high-octane action, utilize gadgets and stealth, and save the world from a deadly threat in this thrilling third-person shooter. Do you have what it takes to be Bond? Play now!
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Genres: Action, Racing
Platforms: GameCube, XBox, Playstation 2, GBA
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User Rating: 7.9/10 - 17 votes
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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

007: Everything or Nothing is a third-person action/adventure game developed and published by EA Games. Although the game features James Bond and the story is very reminiscent of a classic 007 film, the game is actually an original story and is not an adaptation of any existing Bond movie. Instead of the usual first-person shooter gameplay that other, more popular 007 games have used, Everything or Nothing employs third-person action to varying degrees of success. That said, few adaptations of the James Bond films have worked quite as well as this one, thanks to a lengthy campaign, unique multiplayer options, and a great cast of characters.

Main Game Features

  • Cinematic cutscenes and structure
  • Numerous spy gadgets and weapons
  • Third-person action and driving missions


The story in 007: Everything or Nothing once again follows the suave and skilled secret agent, James Bond. As a jack-of-all-trades master of espionage, Bond is often able to foil massive matter of international security single-handedly, using his various spy gadgets and lethal weaponry to even the odds. In this original tale of crime and intrigue, James Bond meets his match in the form of Nikolai Diavolo, a former KGB agent who wants to watch the world burn. In pursuit of his evil plans, Nikolai intends to use massive fleets of nanomachines to wreak havoc and destruction on his enemies, and only 007 can put an end to his plans.

Although the graphics are a bit rough for modern tastes, the game still has a very cinematic feel, with plenty of flashy cutscenes and high-budget action. Main characters are also voiced by and resembled major actors and actresses, including Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, John Cleese as the intelligent specialist Q, and Willem Dafoe as the antagonist Nikolai. Even in comparison to other James Bond games that draw from the actual movies, Everything or Nothing has an exciting story that feels true to the brand and source material.


There's a lot about the gameplay in Everything or Nothing that's different from other Bond games, and most of it is surprisingly good. Instead of the normal first-person viewpoint, you'll hide behind cover and shoot from a third-person perspective, offering a better view of the level at all times. There's still a good number of guns and gadgets to use, including automatic rifles, shotguns, sleeping darts, and thermal vision. A bigger emphasis has been put on exploration as well, with lots of climbing around the environment, as well as major driving missions. The driving is surprisingly fleshed out and fully realized, giving the player a lot of freedom in where and how they drive. Better yet, there are a handful of awesome boss fights that include fan-favorite villains from previous 007 games.

There's one area where Everything or Nothing is significantly different than expected and that's the multiplayer. Although most fans appreciate the addictive competitive multiplayer that previous games like GoldenEye 007 have had, Everything or Nothing ditches that idea in favor of a standalone cooperative mode. In co-op, you and a friend race around various levels, attempting to complete objectives and earn the most points. It's a fun and enjoyable feature that's great to play with a friend, but fans expecting the standard deathmatch multiplayer might be disappointed.


007: Everything or Nothing is a great game for fans of the movies, third-person shooter buffs, or anyone looking to experience a high-budget action experience. The story is compelling and makes sense in the context of the franchise, featuring major Hollywood actors that heighten the overall production value. Gameplay is fun and varied, with both fast-paced shooting and strategic gadget use. There are over two dozen unique levels to complete in the single-player mode, equaling around a dozen hours of gameplay. Even with the lack of true competitive multiplayer, Everything or Nothing is still a fantastic game that makes the player feel like a total action star.


  • On-brand storytelling and tone
  • Good variety of gameplay and modes
  • Great voice-acting


  • Unpredictable difficulty swings
  • Graphics could use an upgrade

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
Playstation 2

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews


Bond moment 10

Level: A Long Way Down Sure, Bond could kill a man with precision and tact, but why settle for normal convention when you can get the same results with a little panache? The No. 10 Bond moment brings the house down, dropping the ceiling onto unsuspecting foes.

Near that second steam valve is a large, burned-out room. Use Bond sense to find weak ceiling points. Shoot the ceiling when soldiers run underneath-- incapacitate at least one enemy using this method to achieve a Bond moment.

Bond moment 9

Level: The Platinum War Driving the most technically advanced and suave vehicles has always been a staple for 007. The No. 9 Bond moment follows suit, with Mr. Bond at the helm of a heavy artillery tank with the firepower to crumble archways. After destroying the wall as you begin the mission, look for a tank lying underneath an arch ahead. Shoot a nano shell at the arch so it collapses, crushing the tank below.

Bond moment 8

Level: Death's Door Gadgets are just plain cool. The No. 8 Bond moment uses the insect-like Q-Spider gadget to access a much-needed armor vest. Upon entering the hotel at the start of the level, head to the right where you'll find a stack of boxes. Near the boxes is a Q-Spider hole. Send in your six-legged gadget and you will discover a small nook with an armor vest.

Bond moment 7

Level: Everything or Nothing Ammo conservation often plays a key role. The No. 7 Bond moment finds James able to do the job of a whole clip with a single shot. When navigating through the large warehouse filled with metal freight containers, look for one suspended in the air. When enemies appear underneath, use Bond sense to shoot the glowing switch that holds the container to crush the enemies below.

Bond moment 6

Level: Death of an Agent Even when faced with saving the life of a fellow agent, James Bond makes a statement with one of Q's gadgets before leaping into the arms of danger. The Q-Spider makes quite the explosion when falling to the ground in Bond moment No. 6. Danger averted. At the start of the mission, deploy a Q-Spider. Take it down the hallway to find a spider hole. Navigate that hole upward, then have the Q-Spider fall to detonate over unsuspecting guards.

Bond moment 5

Level: Dangerous Descent The Q-Spiders sure do come in handy. The No. 5 Bond moment uses the gadget once more, only this time to blow up a security system, preventing Mr. Bond from unneeded laser surgery. Before rappelling down, make sure to disable the security lasers with a Q-Spider bomb. Send the Q-Spider into the room with the red flashing computer and destroy the machine.

Bond moment 4

Level: Death's Door Bond has faced many a nemesis throughout his career, but has never seemed to miss a step. With no signs of slowing down, Agent 007 once again delivers in the duel with Le Rouge by taking some focus off of his weaponry and using the environment to heat things up.

While fighting Le Rouge, use Bond sense to target the gas-vent switches on the walls and ceiling of the room. If Le Rouge takes damage from the flames, you'll earn a Bond moment. There are four switches to target: two in the ceiling and two on the back wall.

Bond moment 3

Level: Vertigo Once again our favorite gadget, the Q-Spider, finds its way into the top Bond moments at No. 3. The fun-to-control little gadget gains access to a cache of weapons and armor, not to mention it opens the door for a little surprise on a couple of guards. Can you ever get enough of the Q-Spider? When you reach the enemy that carries a rocket launcher (where you have to push a train cart forward to get within range), look for a side alcove that appears walled off but is accessible using a Q-Spider. Navigate the spider through a hole and up a series of wooden planks to reach a supply room with armor, a battery, and weapons. Open the blue door nearby to surprise the guards and trigger a Bond moment.

Bond moment 2

Level: Mardi Gras Mayhem Anyone can drive and drive well, but only the great James Bond can pull off moves like in No. 2. Not only does the unparalleled agent cause high-flying mayhem through the Mardi Gras celebration, he manages to keep the car in one piece (sort of). You are a hero to us all, Mr. Bond. After talking to Mya on the phone, head toward the van by exiting the park to the right. Once you reach the brick walkway, you'll find a ramp that sends you over the pretty Mardi Gras floats and into a building.

Bond moment 1

Level: Kiss Kiss Club The No. 1 Bond moment also happens to be the easiest to accomplish; simply let England's most eligible bachelor be himself. As 007 rappels into the club, a lovely female awaits and is in need of a hand (or two). Let Bond do his thing and soothe her needs. Ever the ladies' man, James proves there is always time to stop and smell the roses.


It's hard to get too excited about a new Bond game after years of mostly subpar gaming schlock (OK, 007: NightFire was fairly hot). Enter 007: Everything or Nothing, a third-person shooter complete with all the gadgets and vehicles you've come to require--plus, Pierce Brosnan's likeness as Bond, Shannon Elizabeth as new Bond girl Serena St. Germaine, 007 iibervillain Jaws, two-player co-op missions, and multiplayer Deathmatch modes.


I had a surprisingly great time with Everything or Nothing's first level. The third-person shooting was tight, the camera worked well, and little touches like how you can grab weapons from nearby foes and start punching them spoiled me on other games. Definitely one to watch.

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