Hidden & Dangerous: Fight For Freedom

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a game by TalonSoft
Platform: PC (2000)
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Hidden & Dangerous: Fight For Freedom
Hidden & Dangerous: Fight For Freedom
Hidden & Dangerous: Fight For Freedom
Hidden & Dangerous: Fight For Freedom

Offering up more bugs than a seedy New York apartment, Hidden & Dangerous' shortcomings have been very well documented over recent months by your caring, sharing PC. For those who have played through its mix of behind-the-lines tactics and first-person WWII action, there can be few who have failed to witness such imbecilic troops falling through the scenery at choice moments, or floating in mid-air seemingly unbound by the laws of physics. Then there are those missions, where as if attacked by some deadly virus, soldiers would keel over and die for no apparent reason. The thing is, now some six months and three patches since its first release, Hidden & Dangerous remains almost as bugged as the day it first appeared. You would have thought then that this mission pack for the best tactical shooter available would finally clean up those unwanted glitches we've had to live with for so long. Wrong. Freshly-installed and just minutes into mission one, two highly-trained British commandos expired while exiting a stationary vehicle. Soon after, I found my first floater.

It Doesn't Matter

For all its faults, however, Hidden & Dangerous remains one of the best damn games ever made, and Fight For Freedom does nothing to diminish this accolade.

With nine new missions split across three campaigns, your hand-picked team start out outside a German airfield in rainy Poland - and your mission is to rescue a British agent and steal a ride home in an experimental Nazi bomber. Geographically, the first is a huge mission, with loading times reminiscent of a Spectrum game and Hidden & Dangerous being what it is - difficult-restarts are common as you gradually get to grips with each level and its stock of enemy troops. Consequently, with most of the subsequent missions equal in size, you'll have plenty of opportunity to stock up on Doritos and coffee.

Although graphically updated, Fight For Freedom is more striking for its new vehicles, notably a hulking great tank, as well as a clutch of extra weapons culled from American and Russian arsenals. Agreeably, each weapon sounds distinct and you'll soon be able to pick out what is being fired at you. More importantly, however, is the fact that the missions are just as varied, if not more so, than in the original game. Again, we are treated to some wonderful cut-scenes. And, although the tactical interface could have done with an overhaul, and we will have to wait for the sequel for some decent head-to-head multiplayer options, Fight For Freedom offers more than enough for fans of the original game. If, however, you preferred the tactical edge of Rainbow Six or Rogue Spear, you'll find little here to sway your opinion. Quite simply, Fight For Freedom is more of the same brilliant and bugged gameplay; purely a set of extra missions that adequately cover the final months of WWII - which we won.

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