Evil Tonight

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Игра компании DYA Games
Платформа: PC
Рейтинг редактора: 8/10, based on 1 review
Рейтинг пользователя: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Evil Tonight
Evil Tonight
Evil Tonight
Evil Tonight

As I write this Halloween is right around the corner and Evil Tonight is one of the main games, I am holding off playing until my Halloween weekend of gaming. This is a survival horror style of game that has one of the most awesome retro styles I have seen in a game. Seriously, this game is truly gorgeous and has amazing pixel art that truly has captured my imagination. Before we get into this, I have to ask, are you ready to be an exorcist?

The Modern Exorcist!

The plot of the game is pretty awesome and anything that deals with evil is always going to get my attention. In Evil Tonight, we play as a cool girl called, Silvia. Silvia is not your “normal” monster hunter type of character. She is an actual exorcist and she has come to this school in order to try and get rid of the evil. She has done this kind of thing before, but this time something is different and she finds herself fighting for her life!

The Art Of Pixel Art Graphics

Before I talk about the gameplay I have to talk about the presentation of this game. I have played so many pixel art style games that I would not even be able to tell you half of them. They just seem to come and go, but some are so striking and well done that they leave a real impression and that is what Evil Tonight is offering. It is not just the way that Silvia looks, the fantastic monster design, and the various locations. It is the way they use lighting and the little effects that really make this stand out.

Can You Survive?

The first time I saw a trailer for this I was sure that it was a classic 2D-style action game, but that is not actually the case. Do not get me wrong, Silvia will be blowing away all kinds of evil in this game, but ammo is rather scarce and if anything, this is more of a survival horror style of game. There is no hand holding here as there is not even a map! You have to go and explore, solve puzzles and try to find your way in the game. I get that this is not for everyone, but I like this and feel it is a real throwback to games during the PlayStation era.

Even before I played Evil Tonight, I fell completely in love with it. This is 100 percent my type of game! I love survival horror and I really like the idea that this game is leaving things for you to discover rather than pointing you in the right direction every five minutes.


This is a game that I feel is not going to be for everyone, but I would wager that those who do like are going to not just like it, they are going to love it.


  • Silvia is a very cool and interesting character
  • I love the story that they are telling
  • This game has some of the best pixel art I have seen
  • There is no hand holding in this game!


  • Some people may find the exploration style of the game frustrating
  • I do wonder about the replay value of this game

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