Eve Burst Error

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Платформа: PC
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Eve Burst Error
Eve Burst Error
Eve Burst Error
Eve Burst Error

While Eve Burst Error was originally released in 1995. It was not until years later the game flew onto my radar with the PlayStation 2 version. As far as I know, the visual novel scene was not massive on the PS2 so this game getting such mainstream attention at the time made it a game I took a lot of notice of. This game was also released on NEC PC, Sega Saturn, PC, and lastly the PSP in 2010. Man, what I would not give to add that Sega Saturn version to my collection!

Two Tales One Conspiracy

The story that is told in Eve Burst Error is pretty damn awesome and it revolves around two very different characters. We have Kojiroh who is a private detective who is a bit down on his luck. He takes a job from a man called Mr. Ko and he is tasked with finding a missing painting that has a lot of value.

The other character is called Marina and he has been hired by an ambassador for a Middle Eastern country to protect his daughter. These two cases sound very different, but soon Kojiroh and Marina are thrust together! The story is very well told and I liked how it forces the player to experience both sides of the story to move it forward. The game is in Japanese, but there are English translations out there, but you will have to hunt around for them. It is also worth noting that the original version of the game had some XXX content in it that was removed from the later releases.

90s Anime

The presentation of Eve Burst Error looks very much like all of the other 90s anime’s that were around at the time. It is very hard to explain it, but if you were around in the 90s and watched anime, you know what I am saying. The game has a nice selection of characters and the way things move a bit along with the still images does more than enough to make you feel like this world is alive. The modern Japanese setting at the time was a bit of a breath of fresh air as many anime’s back then went for the future or cyberpunk type of setting. So, the setting here is pretty cool and something I do like.

Two Become One

One of the coolest aspects of Eve Burst Error is that you get to play as both Kojiroh and Marina. You are usually tasked with playing as both before you move onto the next section. This is a visual novel game so most of what you will be doing is reading, but you do get to interact with things and talk to people to move the story along. The way the game handles the two-character dynamic is actually really cool and something I wish that more other visual novel games would try. It is rather unique and probably the thing people remember most about the game.

I have to be honest and say that I have never played the version of Eve Burst Error that has the hentai stuff intact. I have only played around with the PlayStation 2 and PSP version of the game and I never once felt like I was missing out. Just remember that you will have to track down a translated version of the game if you want to play it. I do feel that it is worth doing as it is a really cool VN.


Now, let me see if I can track down a copy of the game for the Saturn. I have no interest in playing it, it would be just cool to have in the collection!


  • The story is full of mystery and twists and turns
  • Getting to experience things from two perspectives is cool
  • I liked the way the game looks like an anime from the 90s
  • The original version has way more XXX content than you would think
  • It is one of the most stand out VNs for the PlayStation 2


  • You may have to hunt around a tad for that English translation
  • Some may not like the removal of XXX content in certain versions of the game

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