Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

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a game by Square Enix
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

Well, we've seen a remake of the original game, so why not give the prequel a makeover? Today, it's almost paramount to the video game industry to churn out as much content as possible based on your most popular IP. So it should be a surprise to no one that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 enters the fray on the tail of the original remaster.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 reunion is an HD remaster of the game that's seemingly forgotten in parallel with the original title. However, that doesn't make it any less significant to the franchise, and memory serves that the game was a worthy addition to the narrative. So how will this prequel hold up against all the rage of the original remake? Let's dive back into the series to find out.

Family Reunion

So let's quickly recap the critical details of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. The game was a handheld title that expanded on the original lore, focusing on the story of Zack Flair. The narrative follows his adventure to find a missing SOLDIER, and all madness ensues in typical Final Fantasy style. In gameplay, it was the classic JRPG structure translated to the small screen, and it worked pretty damn well.

Final Fantasy fans probably will be able to remember how good the original was; the vital thing to research is whether the remake is worth our time. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is a game that depends on the nostalgia factor to sell; there's no doubt about that. The polished, glistening graphics across a new generation of hardware aim to entice and immerse past the original.

And does it work? For the most part, yes. It's a more complex task porting old handheld gameplay to various consoles. There are moments where Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion feels a bit clunky. However, it's undoubtedly beautiful, with combat and narrative as immersive as ever.

The game's core value is to take all the assets, including voice acting, visuals, and sound, up to the next level. The title succeeds in that principle. It even serves as a worthy playthrough for those who never got around to running through this prequel. All Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion does deliver a classic remake with vibrantly enhanced assets, and we're OK with that.

No Crisis in This Core

It's a stretch to think that non-Final Fantasy fans will find Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion appealing. However, franchise fans will want to get their hands on it, not just because it's a new addition to the series, but because it's a decent remaster. Does it strike the same nodes as the original Final Fantasy VII Remake? No, but it didn't intend to do that.


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion delivers on its ambition of making a previously inaccessible game more beautiful and, most significantly, more relevant. So the simple answer to whether it's worth the investment is yes, there won't be any regrets about playing the remaster.

Round-Up - Pros & Cons


  • Beautifully enhanced visuals and sound
  • The gripping narrative made better by reworked voice acting
  • The battle system has been tweaked to make combat more enjoyable


  • The control schematic can be a bit flimsy at times
  • Unlikely to appeal to anyone but franchise fans

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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