Cris Tales

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Игра компании Dreams Uncorporated
Платформа: PC
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Cris Tales
Cris Tales
Cris Tales
Cris Tales

It's pretty rare to see a game that has been developed from a South American studio - let alone how much traction that Cris Tales has been getting. While Columbia isn't exactly known for its video game development prowess, there's a lot of buzz surrounding this game - and rightly so. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

The game is poised for a summer release, yet we've had the hands-on opportunity in advance to see what the hype is about. The art style, 2D basis, and fascinating concept all make an intriguing atmosphere for this vibrant turn-based RPG. Does it have the potential to be an indie offering to remember - and put South America on the games development map?

A New Classic Redefined

The developers haven't shied away from the fact they have been inspired by classic turn-based RPGs like Final Fantasy franchise and Chrono Trigger. They are embracing their influence and adding their own South America flair. You'd have to be such unique developers, right? The color palette and architecture of the game screams Columbia - while melding a storyline that touches hearts and minds.

The story follows Crisbell - an orphan from a village tasked with fending off an evil goblin invasion - and everything else in between. While the narrative is basic in nature - it exploits the loose lore to create a stem of other stories giving the game some personality right from the get-go.

The 2.5D art style of the game serves as the skin for what is essentially a take on classic JRPG's. There is a lot of dialogue, character building, walking around towns figuring out the next step of the venture - and those all too familiar turn-based battle mechanics. The game does look consistently beautiful but falls just a little flat in animation. Whether this is to be fixed or not is yet to be seen - but can definitely hinder the gameplay experience.

At present - you do get the impression that every battle and movement outside combat resembles that of an old flash game. It's pretty choppy - and does not feel as fluid as it should, given the development path. But that considered, Cris Tales presents a very minimalist interface that is refreshing on the usually clutter JRPG front. Already the game is very accessible and will probably only refine what is already good about the game.

Viva, Columbia!

If you had to describe first insight into Cris Tales - it's an amalgamation of quite a few games. The art style of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, the JRPG mechanics of Final Fantasy VII, and the combat nature of Darkest Dungeon. Including all those traits with a vibrant Columbian flair actually makes the hype real in this one.


The animations are unforgettable and really do detract from the experience. If this can be fixed before release - we could have a real winner here in Cris Tales. Initial playthroughs are thoroughly enjoyable and leave you wanting more. If you're ready for a highly accessible RPG that reminiscences in the classics past - there's a lot to be excited about.


  • Beautiful art style inspired by local cultures and architecture
  • Accessible game with minimal and intuitive interfaces
  • A brilliant and unique take on classic turn-based RPG's


  • The animation is choppy and does not bode well with the game experience
  • Voice-acting could be better

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