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a game by Rel
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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I will admit that when I saw the title, BMO TV I thought I was getting a lewd parody of a popular animated series! Instead, what I got was a lewd point-and-click adventure game that as I read the developer's mission statement of what they wanted this game to be had me really pumped up to play the game. I will start by saying that they had some great ideas with this game and the whole “love your kinks” message that it offers is one that I do think is great. However, I have to say that the longer the game goes on, it is like the developer loses what they initially set out to do.

The Bimbo TV Show!

When I saw the title, BMO TV I thought we were getting some kind of Adventure Time parody! However, the title of the game is what it is because this is a game about bimbofication! The setting for the show is a TV show, think of stuff like Big Brother and maybe even stuff like Survivor and you will have an idea of what to expect. Having a house with a bunch of different people being forced to interact with each other is a great setting for a lewd game.

Embracing Your Inner Bimbo

The way the story progresses at first in BMO TV is fantastic. We are hesitant to embrace our kinky bimbo side, we actually kind of fight it, to be honest with you. However, the game I feel does start out with this positive message of sex positivity and liking what you like as long as it makes you happy and you are not hurting anyone. I thought for sure with this being a reality TV based story, being a jerk and mean would be the order of the day, but that is not actually the case at all here. However, I do feel that the story loses its way the longer the game lasts, to be honest with you, and by the time I had my fill with the game, I was kind of lost as to what the point was anymore.

Feeling The Heat!

BMO TV is a pretty standard point-and-click adventure game and there is not exactly a great deal of gameplay here. You have this QTE style mini-game that is very harsh with how precise you need to be. It is not a bad game to play at all and I never once found myself lost while I was playing the game. Yet, this game caused my PC to heat up like crazy the first time I played it, I tried it on my laptop and it actually shut down as it caused it to run so hot! The crazy thing about that is the night before, I was playing Batman: Arkham Knight on that same laptop and it was running fine, but this game caused it to overheat and shut down! The stuff under the hood here needs some major work!

Embracing Your Bimbo Side

I am a big fan of the visuals of BMO TV and it is by far the overall highlight of the game for me. I love big boobs and tiny waists, that exaggerated style is always something that I think is a great deal of fun. This is not full of XXX scenes; it is more about the journey of the character and I am more than ok with that. However, the embracing your kinky side thing that the game had going on at the start which I loved, turns into something else by the end as people start morphing into all kinds of interesting designs such as a big titty cow looking chick! Hey, she looks hot, but it feels like the game really goes off the rails as it moves along.


There are some really awesome ideas at play in BMO TV and I was very interested and invested when I started playing the game. It may be basic as far as the gameplay goes, but the premise and the “sex positivity” thing that they were going for had me hooked. However, the further into the game I progressed, the stranger it got, almost like the developer had this great idea but was not sure how to make that idea last for the whole game. I still think you should give this one a try as I do feel that some people will really connect with this.


  • The game has some very nice visuals
  • That big tiddy cowgirl is awesome!
  • I liked the message the game was going for at the start
  • I can see this game really connecting with some people


  • This game put so much pressure on both my computers!
  • The game loses its steam and loses the message it started with

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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