Sonic The Hedgehog Cheats

Genesis Cheats

Stage Select

You can select any level you want in this amazing game. To do this simply go to the title screen and press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. You will hear a small ringing sound and then all you have to do is hold button A and press START.

Max Out Your Lives

You can max out your lives in many different places in this great game. Here's the easiest one we've found. Play up to level 1-2. Once on this level you must get the 1-UP on top of the loop to loop. Get the invincible stars and jump over the lamp post. Collect over 100 rings for an additional 1-UP and then throw yourself onto the spikes. When you start your next life you will be able to repeat this all over again. Repeat until you have as many lives as you want!

Secret 1-UP and Power Sneakers

At the beginning of this level roll into a ball and hit the spring board. Push to the left to land on the platform. You will get a 1-UP and a pair of Power Sneakers. You can also use this level to max out your lives!