R.C. Games

Показаны игры с 1 до 9 (всего игр: 9)

R.C. Re-Volt

Probe is developing a new radio-controlled racing game, R/C Re-Volt. But instead of traditional dirt race tracks.

R.C. Revenge

The unofficial sequel to Re-Volt, RC Revenge is being developed by former Psygnosis coders and the quality shows. Part Wave Race 64, part Wipeout.

R.C. Stunt Copter

Hence, RC Stunt Copter works ideally with the Dual Shock analog controller.

R.C. Pro-Am

As you step up to the starting line your NES controller becomes your R.C. controller and in a flash you're maneuvering around the track at top speeds.

R.C. Revenge Pro

In case the prospect of miniature racers zooming around your PlayStation wasn't enough to put you into a pulsating frenzy.

Team Losi R.C. Racer

Well lookie here, Fox has given its best efforts to give you, the game player, a perspective on radio-controlled car racing. HAHAHAHA... good try.